Welcome Preceptors and Potential Preceptors!

Experiential education provides experiences in real-life settings.  In pharmacy education, the experiential component is designed to provide in-depth exposure to and active participation in all pharmacy practice settings.

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As pharmacy preceptors, you play a central role in the Professional Experience Program. You serve as mentors and role models who demonstrate high standards of professionalism; you show students how to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to daily practice; you evaluate student progress.

Celebrating our Preceptors of the Year

Preceptor Resources

The College of Pharmacy is happy to provide resources to support a preceptor's development and rotation experience. Some of the resources provided include preceptor development events, access to CEImpact, access to the UMN Health Sciences Library, and more!  Once you are a preceptor with UMN you may access details on these resources using CORE ELMS.

Any questions regarding resources or future preceptor development ideas may be sent to copexped@umn.edu.