Departments & Divisions Overview

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The teaching, research and service activities of the 100+ full-time faculty members and hundreds of volunteer faculty are focused in seven disciplines.

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Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

The Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (ECP) is where bench and patient-centered research come together. ECP faculty, staff and graduate students work together to discover, apply and disseminate new knowledge to advance the science of human pharmacology and therapeutics and improve the outcomes of their patients.

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Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry is a dynamic, multifaceted scientific discipline that is dedicated to the improvement of human health through research leading to new concepts for the design and development of safe and effective therapeutic, diagnostic, and environmental agents. Research in Medicinal Chemistry involves the application of both chemical and biological principles to investigations between molecular structure and biological activity.

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Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems

The mission of The Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems is to advance the practice of pharmaceutical care and its role in the health care system for the benefit of patients and society through professional, graduate, and post-graduate education, research and service.

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Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is the study of the quantitative aspects of drug delivery, and involves the design, development, and evaluation of drugs in combination with an appropriate dosage form. A pharmaceutical scientist characterizes physical properties of drugs, develops innovative delivery systems for drugs, quantitatively evaluates drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and pharmacological activity in the living organism.

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Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences

We are dedicated to continuously improving interdisciplinary pharmaceutical care education, research, practice and service focused on the health and well-being of underserved, rural, and indigenous communities.

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Medical Laboratory Sciences

Medical Laboratory Scientists, also known as clinical laboratory scientists or medical technologists, are the individuals who perform complex testing in laboratories requiring advanced technical skills and problem solving abilities. MLS practitioners work in a variety of laboratory settings including hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices as well as research, forensic, and reference laboratories. Our graduates play a crucial role empowering health care teams to diagnose and treat patients and manage their illnesses.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with children and adults who have, or are at risk of having, difficulty performing everyday activities. Occupational therapists serve as vital members of an intervention team, consulting with individuals and their families, physicians, physical and speech therapists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, vocational counselors, teachers and other specialists, to promote an active participation in everyday living.


Office of Professional & Clinical Affairs

The Office of Professional & Clinical Affairs (OPCA) works to improve the health of our communities through maximizing integration of pharmacists within healthcare teams to optimize medication outcomes. The OPCA serves as the interface/hub for the College of Pharmacy with our external communities and partner organizations to achieve this goal.

Professional Education Division

Supports the college's teaching and learning mission through the coordination of our professional programs, experiential education offerings, and innovative online learning opportunities.  Provides services to support student learning and professional development, as well as faculty members’ world-class instruction in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.