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Annual Newsletter

An annual publication to introduce a new year of residents, feature alumni accomplishments, and highlight program news.

2023 (PDF) 


 Residency Publications

1.    Moon JY, Lounsbery JL, Schweiss S, Pittenger AL. Mapping the postgraduate year-one pharmacy accreditation standards to the core entrustable professional activities.  JACCP. 2019:1-6.  

2.    Stephanie Swanson and Sarah Schweiss, Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning,

3.    Using a multisite and multi–health system pharmacy resident program model for care documentation quality improvement. Schweiss, Sarah et al. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Volume 59, Issue 6, 862-866.e1.

4.    Comprehensive Medication Mangagement - Expanding the primary care interprofessional team. Minnesota Physician, December 2019, Volume XXXIII, No 9.

5.     jac5.1520.pdf. Schweiss, Sarah et al. JACCP. 2021;4:1420–1427.

Curbside Consult

The Curbside Consult is a quarterly publication written and edited by residents that serves to build their skills in scholarly analysis of current research in pharmacotherapy while providing an opportunity to disseminate this information to a broader healthcare community.

Current Issue

Volume 23 - Summer Edition 2024

Past Issues:

Volume 22, Spring Edition - 2024

Volume 21, Fall Edition - 2023