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Students interested in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, engineering and many other disciplines will find our courses an excellent supplement to traditional electives.  Many of our courses can help prepare you for a career in the health sciences, so take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your education by registering today!

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Woman working in medical science lab

MLSP 1010: Introduction to Medical Laboratory Sciences

Medical laboratory sciences is a behind-the-scenes healthcare profession that plays a crucial role on the healthcare team. Learn about the laboratory testing used to identify diseases and the work of a medical laboratory scientist in microbiology, molecular diagnostics, forensics and more! (1 credit) 

Topics in Pharmacy Ethics (Pandemics)

PHAR 5310: Topics in Pharmacy Ethics (Pandemics)

with Tim Stratton, PhD, RPh, FAPhA
Offered: Fall
Note: This course is open to undergraduate students