Center for Leading Healthcare Change

Accelerating Change Initiatives

 ASHP-UMN Pharmacogenomics Accelerator

  • A national pharmacogenomics program implementation collaborative through which pharmacy leads adoption and implementation of pharmacogenomics services in health systems across the U.S.
  • Accelerates the design and implementation of comprehensive pharmacogenomics services that demonstrate value to stakeholders.
  • Creates an environment that supports shared learning and celebrates successes of leading edge organizations investing in pharmacogenomics services.
  • For more information please contact: David Stenehjem or the ASHP Innovation Center at

Advancing Kidney Health through Optimal Medication Management (AKHOMM)

  • 37 million US adults have kidney disease and most do not experience optimal medication management.
  • Many pharmacists and other HCPs are not adequately trained to optimize medication management in complex patients with kidney disease.
  • The Advancing Kidney Health through Optimal Medication Management (AKHOMM) initiative was created to:
    • Create a curriculum for busy practitioners to train them to provide comprehensive medication management (CMM) in patients with kidney disease and associated conditions (diabetes, heart failure).
    • Develop a Learning and Action Collaborative (LAC) to help practices implement a pharmacist to provide CMM.
  • We currently have 18 short training CE modules for the interprofessional care team on the AKHOMM website with more in progress.
  • We have also developed the framework for our LAC.

Practice Innovation Learning Collaborative (PILL-Rx)

PILL-Rx (the Practice Innovation Learning Lab for Pharmacy) is a workforce training and implementation program for clinical pharmacy services and unique business models to advance community pharmacy practice in Minnesota - Connections are made through PILL-Rx sessions that are available through a virtual learning community at no charge for any interested pharmacist or pharmacy technician in Minnesota.

Federal Urban Health Network (FUHN) Partnership- Improving Health through CMM

The College of Pharmacy is building a multi-faceted partnership with the Federally Qualified Health Center Urban Health Network (FUHN), a network of eight FQHCs in Minneapolis and St. Paul that serves 60,000 patients, including immigrants and refugees, patients with mental health conditions, and people with lower incomes. Unique partnership strategies include:

  • Expanding delivery of comprehensive medication management (CMM) to underserved and underrepresented populations.
  • Improving outcomes for patients at high-risk for readmission due to medication complexity, supported by a $1.5M AHRQ grant.
  • Advancing FUHN’s capabilities to leverage data to improve care efficiency and quality with the Institute for Healthcare Informatics.
  • Training FUHN pharmacists in pharmacogenomics and exploring pharmacogenomics workflow.
  • Teaching students through experiential education and community engagement opportunities. 

Ongoing Initiatives

Convening to Create Shared Understanding and Solutions

  • MN Provider Payer Summits
  • Align Summit: Advancing Provider Health Plan Partnerships
  • MN Immunizations
  • MN Practice Act Revisions 

Educating to Enhance Implementation and Adoption

  • Advocacy
  • Billing for Services
  • cMTM
  • Prescribing Hormonal Contraceptives
  • Prescribing Nicotine Replacement
  • Immunizations

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