Align Summit

2024 Event Themes

The Align Summit will focus on four themes to optimize medication outcomes through provider-health plan partnerships:

  • Partnerships: Designing successful partnerships between health plans and pharmacist providers.

  • Metrics: Identifying, prioritizing and adopting metrics aligned with the Quintuple Aim to measure value from medication management services in today’s healthcare environment.

  • Program Design: Establishing effective benefit design of medication therapy management programs that create engagement with beneficiaries and care providers to produce value.
  • Implementation: Once partnerships are formed, adopting best practices that support accelerated engagement by care providers in the health plan partnership and strategies to evaluate, adapt and scale the program to ensure desired outcomes of the partnership are realized.

Target audience for attendance includes:

  • Pharmacists practicing in community and ambulatory care settings seeking to grow sustainable medication management programs
  • Health system pharmacist leaders responsible for outpatient clinical program success
  • Health plan leaders responsible for clinical programs aimed at improving performance metrics and total cost of care
  • National and state association leaders seeking to support provider-health plan partnership development
  • Leaders of state health departments and Medicaid programs seeking to improve chronic health measures and manage health care costs
  • Leaders from schools of pharmacy that seek to create influential partnerships that advance pharmacy practice in their respective regions
  • Leaders from health IT aiming to collaborate on strategies and solutions to evaluate, adapt, and scale medication management programs to ensure desired outcomes  


Goals of this conference will be to: 

  • Create conversations among stakeholders to define best practices in health plan/pharmacist provider partnerships
  • Define and apply lessons learned to bring back to regional collaborations
  • Explore strategies that build collaboration and investment between health plans and pharmacist providers
  • Build and engage a community of practice extending beyond the Align Summit around regional health plan/pharmacist provider partnerships




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