College of Pharmacy Graduate Programs

Our graduates will become educators for the next generation of scientists and will contribute to healthcare research in academia, industry and the government.

Emphasis of the Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology PhD is to advance the science of human pharmacology and therapeutics to improve the safe, effective and economical use of drugs by patients. This includes the translation of both laboratory and clinical research to the medical use process. Learn more

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The Integrated Biological Sciences graduate program prepares research scientists, technicians, primary, secondary and post-secondary educators, and future college faculty for careers in the biological sciences. Graduates will be competitive in academic, industrial, and governmental settings. Learn more

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Medicinal Chemistry is dynamic, multifaceted scientific discipline that is dedicated to the improvement of human health through research leading to new concepts for the design and development of safe and effective therapeutic, diagnostic and environmental agents. Learn more

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As a student in the Pharmaceutics PhD or MS program, you will develop a broad background in the scientific disciplines, both physical and biological, that affect all stages of the drug development process. Learn more

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Social & Administrative Pharmacy Graduate Programs emphasizes the application of behavior-oriented interdisciplinary theories to pharmacy problem solving and pharmacy system development including the study of the social, psychological, political, legal, public policy, historic and economic factors that impinge upon the use, non-use and abuse of drugs. Learn more

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