Celebrating Our Alumni

Thank you, alumni!

At the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, we are incredibly grateful for the many ways our alumni engage with our community to support students and advance the science and professions of medical laboratory science, occupational therapy, and pharmacy.

This page is dedicated to highlighting several of our incredible alumni who are making an impact. We extend our appreciation for all they do for the college and the profession.

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Fran Lebahn

Fran Lebahn
Class of 1974

Galina Dronova, MLS (ASCP)cm  MLS Class of 2014

Toni Okada

Toni Okada
MLS Class of 1968

Jennifer Brown, PhD, MLS(ASCP)cm, SCcm
MLS Class of 2007

Terry Sarpong, MLS (ASCP)cm MLS Class of 2018

Ann Claesgens

Ann Claesgens
MLS Class of 1968

Mallory Yelenich-Huss

Mallory J. Yelenich-Huss
MLS Class of 2009

Junaid Ghouse, MLS (ASCP)cm
MLS Class of 2011

Bryan Brocksome, MLS(ASCP), CG
MLS Class of 2014

Hannah Jeffers

Hannah Jeffers
MLS Class of 2019

Occupational Therapy

Rebeca Chery Mask

Rebeca Chery Mask
Class of 2012

Bill Pedersen and wife

Bill Pedersen
Class of 1964

Ganesh Babulal, PhD, OTD, MSCI, MOT
MOT Class of 2010

Susan Becker

Susan Becker
Class of 1969

Katelyn Marthaler, OTD, OTR/L
OTD Class of 2022
Sally Kamps (Irons)

Sally Kamps (Irons)
Class of 1956

Nponda Nadjobme, OTD, OTR/L
OTD Class of 2022


Dr. Samantha Lee
PharmD Class of 2009

Dr. Emma Hennen
PharmD Class of 2015

Dr. Julie Corradi Skoglund
PharmD Class of 2015

Dr. Tony Olson PharmD Class of 2015; PhD Class of 2020

Dr. Dawn Hoeft
PharmD Class of 2002

Dr. Melissa Atwood
BS Class of 1997; PharmD Class of 1998

Dr. Dan Rehrarur
PharmD Class of 2000

Dr. Sara Elioff
PharmD Class of 2010

Dr. Vicki Ellingrod
BS Class of 1992; PharmD Class of 1994

Dr. Lucinda Maine
PhD Class of 1985

Dr. Amanda Brummel
PharmD Class of 1999

Dr. Dan Albrant
PharmD Class of 1987

Dr. Makarand (Mak) Jawadekar
PhD Class of 1982

Dr. Marcellus Grace
MS Class of 1975; and PhD Class of 1976 

Dr. Judi Jacobi and Dr. Jim Mowry

Dr. Judi Jacobi and Dr. Jim Mowry 
PharmD Class of 1981 and PharmD Class of 1979

Dr. Jess Astrup Ehret
PharmD Class of 2014

Paul Rukavina
BS Class of 1987

Dr. Thao Luu
PharmD Class of 2022

Dr. Ghada Elnashar
PharmD Class of 2017

Dr. Devalina Law
PhD Class of 1994

Dr. Peter Balogun
PharmD Class of 2018

Dr. Callahan Clark
PharmD Class of 2019

Dr. Paul Huiras
PharmD Class of 2008

Dr. Abdi Bile
PharmD Class of 2018

Dr. Michelle Aytay
PharmD Class of 1996

Dr. Rebecca Pickler
PharmD Class of 2011

Dr. Ronda Chakolis
PharmD Class of 2009

Dr. Derek Borkowski
PharmD Class of 2018

Dr. Anjoli Punjabi
PharmD Class of 2017

Dr. Dick Bertin
SAPh MS & PhD Class of 1976

Dr. David Vermeulen PharmD Class of 2018; SAPh MS Class of 2020

Rory Rickert
BS Class of 1983

Dr. Rich Jansen
BS Class of 1972; PharmD Class of 1974

Dr. Chrystian Pereira
PharmD Class of 2001

Dr. Ahmed Salem
PhD Class of 2010

Dr. Dana Simonson
PharmD Class of 2009

Dr. Phuong "Sophie" Le
PharmD Class of 2021

Prati Wojtal
BS Class of 1987; MS Class of 1989

Dr. Phil Brummond
PharmD Class of 2007

Dr. Marilyn Speedie
College of Pharmacy Dean Emeritus

Darlette Luke
BS Class of 1985

Dr. Anna Legreid Dopp
PharmD Class of 2002

Rowan Mahon

Dr. Rowan Mahon
PharmD Class of 2020