Curbside Consult Volume 20 - Fall Edition 2022

Research Updates 

Tirzepatide for the Treatment of Obesity. Is it a Weight Loss Game-changer?
Britain Lehrer, PharmD, Park Nicollet Health Services
The key to losing weight has historically revolved around lifestyle changes, while drug therapy has led to inconsistent results. Tirzepatide, an injectable antidiabetic medication, has yielded promising weight loss results in patients with diabetes. Is this novel weekly injectable therapy a game-changer for weight loss?

Does Double Dosing Levonorgestrel-Based Emergency Contraception for Obese Patients Affect Clinical Results?
Anna Zhushma, PharmD, Cub Pharmacy
The findings of this study have important clinical relevance for patients with BMIs >30 kg/m2 who desire to use emergency contraception. The results of this study determined whether to support clinical recommendations for double dosing of emergency contraception with levonorgestrel in individuals with BMIs higher than 30 kg/m2.

Albuterol-Budesonide Fixed Dose Combination Rescue Inhaler for Asthma – The MANDALA Trial
Toua Chang, PharmD, Minnesota Community Care
New evidence has recently led to the Global Initiative for Asthma updating their recommendations to include inhaled corticosteroid with short-acting beta agonist combination as rescue therapy for asthma, mainly due to its ability to also treat underlying inflammation. The focus of the MANDALA trial was to compare the safety and efficacy of an albuterol-budesonide combination inhaler against an albuterol-alone inhaler as rescue therapy for prevention of severe asthma exacerbations.

Therapeutic Thoughts

The Impact of Systemic Racial Inequities on Asthma
Taylor Kaiser, PharmD, Minnesota Community Care
What do pollution and systemic racism have in common? Read on to explore this intersection through asthma in Minnesota and what health professionals can do about it.

Gabapentin’s Impact on Drug-related Overdose Deaths
Lucas Cannon, PharmD, Community-University Health Care Center
One of the top ten most prescribed medications in recent years, gabapentin, is seeing an increase in association to drug-related overdose deaths. What is occurring, and what can pharmacists do to help decrease these deaths?

Addressing Modifiable Risk Factors in Heart Failure Management
Regan Truttschel, PharmD, Hennepin Healthcare
Despite preventative efforts, heart failure prevalence continues to increase globally. By intervening and educating on risk factors such as diabetes, dietary modifications, physical activity, and tobacco cessation, pharmacists can play an important role in reducing the impact that heart failure has on patients’ lives.

Miscellaneous News  

Updates In Wearable Technology
McKenzie Skurat, PharmD, M Health Fairview
Recent changes in wearable technology include approval of the FreeStyle® Libre 3 and identification of a new potential technology for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Read to learn how these technologies may make patient self-monitoring easier and provide a more holistic view of the patient's overall health.

Melatonin Safety Concerns and Dietary Supplements
Danica Grover, PharmD, Essentia Health
Melatonin may not be the magic sleep supplement some thought it was. Recent increases in melatonin use have led to more concerns for both adult and pediatric patients. However, a newly launched program by the FDA could offer resources to “Supplement Your Knowledge” on herbals and supplements such as melatonin.

Counseling Points for Progestin-Only, OTC Birth Control
Izzy Schnake, PharmD, Coborn’s Pharmacy Community Resident
Over-the-counter birth control pills may be around the corner - it’s never too early to brush up on your counseling points!