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Contact Office of Student Services staff if anything prevents you from succeeding in your coursework:

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University of Minnesota OneStop

This is the central point of information for university students. From here, you can register for classes, check student account balances, check on course offerings and schedules, look up university maps, and get connected to virtually all University information relevant to you.

23 Solon Campus Center

Academic Support

  • Academic Skills Coach: Liz Hwang
    One-on-one meetings to help you discover tools and resources to become a more effective and efficient student. 
  • Self Help workshops and materials
    Academic strategies for graduate students by Student Academic Success Services.
  • Academic Writing & Learning Center
    Academic courses and services designed to help all members of the campus community reach their academic and professional goals.
  • Effective U
    Tutorials to build skills for academic and personal wellbeing.
  • PharmD Tutoring
    Drop-in hours, exam review sessions, and 1:1 tutoring support are available.
  • Disability Resources
    Promotes access on campus and coordinates academic and resource accommodations with students who have disabilities.

Belonging and Engagement

Computers and Tech Support

Information Technology Systems & Services (ITSS)

See Technology Resources for additional College of Pharmacy information.

Counseling and Student Assistance

  • Embedded Wellness Counselor - Email Amy Brandt with questions about services or how to get started: bran0451@umn.edu 
  • Counseling Services
    Free individual and group confidential counseling provided by a staff of professional counselors, psychologists, and supervised professionals-in-training. 
    104 Health Services
  • Let's Talk: Drop-In Counseling
    Free and confidential mental health consultations.
  • Learn to Live
    Online mental health program based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which assesses and delivers educational interventions on stress, depression and social anxiety.  This program offers confidential, 24/7 access and psychological tools for managing these issues. (Use code UMN to get started)
  • Effective U
    Tutorials to build skills for academic and personal wellbeing.
  • Online Self Assessment
    Screening for depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and alcohol; determine whether or not a professional consultation would be helpful for you.
  • Women's Resource and Action Center
    For victims of sexual violence, relationship violence, harassment, and stalking.

24-hour Crisis Connection: 

  • If you or a peer are experiencing a mental health crisis you can get support through the Arrowhead Regional Crisis Line (877‐772‐4724) or the U of M Crisis Connection (text UMN to 61222 or call 612-301-4673). 
  • For emergencies or immediate threats to the safety of you or others, call 911 or present to your local emergency room.

Resources for Chemical Dependence Issues

Disability Insurance

All PharmD students are covered by long term Disability Insurance. Students whose illness or injury prevents them from being a student may be eligible to file a disability claim.

More details of coverage benefits and contact information for the plan administrator care available on this page: https://shb.umn.edu/students-and-scholars/ahc-disability

Students wishing to file a claim should notify the plan administrator as well as their College of Pharmacy student advisor.

Enrollment Verification

To verify your enrollment as a student for purposes such as student loan deferment, insurance discounts, employment, etc., follow the steps outlined on the OneStop website. It will provide step-by-step instructions for requesting enrollment verification via MyU > Academics > Enrollment Verification.

Disability Resources

Promoting an equitable & inclusive learning environment by providing accommodations, empowering students to become self-advocates, & by educating the campus community.

  • Our office promotes access on campus and coordinates academic accommodations with students who have disabilities and their instructors
  • We provide a testing location for students that can include assistive technology, extended time, and/or reduced distraction accommodations based on individual needs
  • We work with students to coordinate access to other campus resources (housing, dining, etc.) and offer guidance & support to students

Contact: umddr@d.umn.edu or 218-726-6130
258 Kirby Student Center

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Financial Services

Emergency fund
Students in need of short term financial assistance can submit a request to be eligible to receive emergency funding through the college's own emergency fund, and through other funds available to all university students. Emergency funds are meant to provide assistance to short-term, unforeseen financial needs (eg. housing, transportation, technology) - they are not meant to replace students' primary source of funding their education.

Note that international students can seek emergency funding via ISS independently of this process.

Students can request emergency funds in two ways:

  1. Email One Stop at umdhelp@d.umn.edu
  2. Notify your advisor of your need for financial assistance, and you will be provided with information to submit a request.

Student Finances

  • OneStop assistance for estimating costs, financial aid, billing and payment, and general questions about your student account.
    OneStop at 23 Solon Campus Center
    umdhelp@d.umn.edu attn: Sherry
  • Financial Wellness
    Educating students on the topics of loans, debt, credit, spending, and identity theft protection. Email umdhelp@d.umn.edu attn: Jill Anderson with questions.


Federal program that lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet service. Eligibility is based on income or participation in a government assistance program.

See the Costs, Financial Aid, and Scholarships page for more details plus information on loan forgiveness programs and interest-free loans for Muslim students. 


Food, Health, Wellness, and Safety

  • UMD Health Services
    Comprehensive Health and Wellness facility designed to meet the health care needs of today's college students, including medical appointments, counseling, support groups, and health education. Office visits are free. UMD Health Services, 615 Niagara Court
  • Boynton Health Service
    Twin Cities campus primary health care, mental health clinic, urgent care, and dental clinic. Students with the Student Health Benefit Plan coverage may receive care at Boynton but would be responsible for the copay, coinsurance, or other patient responsibilities.
  • BeWELL - a wellbeing resource for the health sciences student community
  • Champ's Cupboard
    A free food shelf offered to all UMD students. Students can pick from a variety of non-perishable items including rice, pasta, soups, sauces, and vegetables. Students can also choose from toiletries such as shampoos, soaps, and diapers. Students need to show their ID card so that student status is verified.
  • Food Insecurity
    • Champ's Cupboard - Free food shelf with a variety of non-perishable items including rice, pasta, soups, sauces, and vegetables, and toiletries such as shampoos, soaps, and diapers. Students need to show their ID card so that student status is verified.
    • Nutritious U Food Pantry (located at UMTC) - Provides fresh and healthy food to students that struggle to get enough to eat.
    • Hunger Solutions - Statewide map to find local food shelves, dining sites, discounted groceries, and more near you.
    • SNAP Benefits - Federal nutrition assistance program for low-income individuals and families.
    • Second Harvest Heartland - Non-profit that assists students and the community get set up with SNAP Benefits.
  • Learn to Live offers five online programs based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Social Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Substance Use, and Stress, Anxiety and Worry.
  • You@UMN - Personalized tips and tools for everything from mental and physical health to friendships and finding balance.
  • Wellbeing Toolkit - Learn how a holistic approach to wellbeing can help you discover health, contentment, purpose, and connection.
  • Recreational Sports Outdoor Program (RSOP)
    Student Services fee-supported program that coordinates sports facilities and equipment rentals, outdoor trips, canoeing and kayaking, climbing, intramural sports, health and wellness activities.
  • Safety on Campus
    Call 911 for emergencies or triage.
    287 Darland Admin Bldg
  • Safewalk Escort


The majority of PharmD students live off-campus, with other pharmacy colleagues.

Library and Study Spaces

Kathryn A. Martin Library
Provides services including electronic library resources, health science databases and searches, research assistance, reservable study rooms, and specific support for pharmacy students. 

Find locations to study on campus

Parent/Family Resources

Student Parent Help Center

UMD Children's Place

Licensed to provide care to children between the ages of six weeks through the first day of kindergarten.


Maps of UMD and Driving Instructions
Maps of building locations, campus addresses, parking, and driving instructions to campus as well as virtual tour of the UMD campus.

Transportation & Parking Services
Parking permits, parking lot map and rates, meters, sustainable transportation options, and wheelchair/scooter check-out.

UMD Campus Services

  • Lockers & Bike Lockers may be leased by emailing your request with your student ID number to cashiers@d.umn.edu or in person on the first floor of the Darland Administration Building in mid-August. 
  • Support Services for Legal or University procedures
  • UMD Stores 
  • Welcome Desk in Kirby Student Center provides KSC room reservations, approval of flyer postings, lost and found, and general info.
    • Prayer Room, located on the 3rd floor in the Kirby Student Center, includes a sink for washing and several books and pamphlets and is open to anyone.  A key can be obtained at the 1st floor Kirby Welcome Desk.