Elective Courses Overview

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Elective Courses in the PharmD Curriculum

The PharmD student experience is very adaptable. All students need a minimum of 15 elective (5000-level or higher) credits completed before they can start their 4th year APPE experiences. This page introduces you to the basics of taking electives as a PharmD student. Jump directly to a list of all College of Pharmacy electives. For more info on courses offered outside the college, please see the Elective Approval Form. We strongly suggest you rely on your adviser in the Office of Student Services as a valuable resource.

Elective courses at the College of Pharmacy take many forms – students can choose more intensive and sequential elective paths, they can pick and choose ‘a la carte’ style, or something in-between! Here are some basic terms to familiarize yourself with – and more info can be found in the Curriculum menu links to the left.

Emphasis Area: These are more intensive experiences that are noted on your final transcript, and award you 16 elective credits altogether. The College currently offers the Research Emphasis Area and the Leadership Emphasis Area.

Focus Area: The College currently offers the Mental Health Focus Area. Students apply to be a part of the MHFA, take a sequence of two exclusive elective courses, and complete an APPE during their 4th year. This experience does not encompass as many courses and credits as the Emphasis Areas, and is not noted on your transcript.

Directed Study: Under the direction of a faculty member, students may earn Directed Study credit for special projects. These can apply towards your 15 elective credits.

Specific Interests: If students want something just a bit more structured than an ‘a la carte’ experience, the College offers courses that cater to specific interests in pharmacy practice. Please talk to your adviser if you would like to explore a particular area of interest. Some examples:

  • Industry

    • Phar 6233 - Drug Use Review & Management

    • Phar 6236 - Clinical and Pharmacy Management in Modern U.S. Health Care and Regulatory Landscape

    • MILI 6235 - Pharmaceutical Industry: Business and Policy

    • SAPh 8235 - Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy

  • Practice Management

    • Phar 6219 - Building a Pharmaceutical Practice

    • Phar 6232 - Health System Pharmacy Management

    • Phar 6233 - Drug Use Review & Management

    • Phar 6236 - Clinical and Pharmacy Management in Modern U.S. Health Care and Regulatory Landscape

  • Wellbeing

    • Phar 6904 - Health Coaching for Pharmacists

    • Phar 6913 - The Science and Spirit of Wellbeing

    • CSPH 5101 - Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices

  • Interprofessional

    • Phar 6226 - Interprofessional Diabetes Experience

    • Phar 6907 - Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in HIV Care

    • Phar 6909 - Applied Cultural Competence in Patient Care and Pharmacy Practice