Experiential Education Program

The Experiential Education Program is the practice component of the Pharmacy Professional Program curriculum. Its goal is to enhance students' attitudes, skills and knowledge through experiential learning to prepare them to provide pharmaceutical care.

The program is divided into introductory experiential and advanced practice components. The introductory components are completed throughout the students’ first three professional years. The fourth professional year consists entirely of advanced practice rotations. Students are placed around the state of Minnesota for both introductory and advanced practice rotations. 

See specific experiential education calendars and events for the current and upcoming academic year.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) - Years 1, 2, and 3

In the first three years of the PharmD program, students complete four types of Introductory Practice Pharmacy Experiences (IPPEs). The college secures rotation placements for all students.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) - Year 4

Upon completion of the third year of the PharmD program, students begin a year of full-time Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Students complete eight 5-week rotations applying their knowledge in a variety of real-life settings. Four rotations take place in required setting types and four are elective experiences. The College secures rotation placements for all students.