MNspire Curriculum

Starting with the Class of 2027, the College of Pharmacy is rolling out a new curriculum, titled MNspire. The MNspire curriculum seeks to graduate a student that thinks, feels and acts like a pharmacist. This involves embracing the philosophy of practice and approach of a pharmacist, which includes: 

  • Using practice to meet a social need to optimize medication outcomes
  • Fulfilling responsibilities for ensuring appropriate, effective, and safe drug therapy
  • Utilizing a patient-centered approach 
  • “Caring” for another through the development and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship

Below are links to a typical fall and spring course schedule for our students in MNspire. These documents will be expanded each year as we continue to roll out our MNspire curriculum.

Fall MNspire Schedule                   Spring MNspire Schedule 

Fall MNspire Individual Scheduling Options

As you will see, our curriculum is designed to give students some room to pursue their interests in the profession via elective coursework – please take a look at our Elective Courses page for more information!