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Portable Computing Device Requirement

The College requires that all students own a portable computing device.  We strongly recommend that students consider taking class notes electronically on a laptop or tablet.  If requested, CoP IT can provide you with assistance to transition to e-notetaking. 

  • Must be Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet, minimum 4GB RAM, 16GB storage, with VGA and/or HDMI connection and adapter (in order to connect to classroom instructional technology systems)  
  • Must have a built-in webcam or a separate webcam to connect to the device. 
  • Must have high-quality headphones/earplugs and microphone to ensure best learning experience.
  • To take full advantage of ExamSoft, students should purchase a device with Mac (Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura) or Windows (10 or 11) operating system, or an iPad (iPad 5+, iPad Air 2+, iPad Mini 4+, iPad Pro). The iPad is compatible with ExamSoft, while Chromebook, Android, and Linux based devices are not. ExamSoft does not support touchscreen input on Mac or Windows laptops. Any compatible device that uses an external Bluetooth keyboard can be used to take an ExamSoft assessment. If you use a Bluetooth keyboard to take a secure exam, please remember to disconnect your device from Wi-Fi. See the procedure. (Here is the link to specific system requirements: Guide of devices compatible with ExamSoft)
  • Internet speed requirements and optimizing your Zoom experience
  • Financial aid may be augmented in order to purchase your device and adapter once during your time in the PharmD program. Please complete and submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal form for your home campus (Duluth or Twin Cities).
  • Devices and adapters can be purchased from the bookstore on either campus. 
    • Sales tax will not be levied if you inform the bookstore staff that you are a student in the College of Pharmacy, and that the device you are purchasing is required by the College.


Zoom Operating Guide

Participant’s Guide to Optimizing Your Zoom Experience


E-textbooks are available in the Pharmacy Collection and the Access Pharmacy websites via University library subscriptions. Students will be expected to use these e-textbooks in class.


Some exams in the PharmD curriculum will be administered through a separate online testing platform called ExamSoft. Students must activate their account in ExamSoft and download the Examplify testing app onto the device they will use for exams before they can complete any ExamSoft exams. The Student Handbook includes steps for getting started, instructions for using Examplify, and troubleshooting and support information.

Student Breakout Rooms

Student breakout room


Two student breakout rooms on each campus have been technologically enhanced and enable students to hold video conferences between campuses using student Zoom accounts. Access is available on a drop in basis or rooms may be reserved in advance by emailing Anna Foster (Duluth) or (Twin Cities). 

Cash to Card Locations

Student Computing Labs & Printing

The college has four Student Computing Labs available, two in Duluth (LSci 162 and LSci 216) and two in the Twin Cities (WDH 1-120F and WDH 3-150). There are a limited number of Windows 10 workstations that require x500 credentials available for student use in each.

Printing in the labs is available via the university's managed cash-to-card printing service.  Students are able to print jobs from any of the dedicated workstations, or may also set up personal devices to print wirelessly.  

In Duluth, visit the ITSS Printing Page, or stop in at the ITSS Help Desk in Kirby Plaza for assistance in setting up wireless printing on your device.

In the Twin Cities, students will need to uninstall any previous Pharmacy printers, ensure they are on Eduroam Wifi, and run one of the following installer packages:

WDH 1-120 WDH 3-150
Windows Users Windows Users
Mac Users Mac Users

Another option for users that don't want to download installers for their laptops and are sending basic files (i.e. PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, Visio, etc.) is CampusCloud Printing. Users upload their document and walk over to WDH 1-120 or WDH 3-150, then swipe their U-Cards to release their print jobs.

For additional information visit the OIT Printing Page.