Academic Skills and Tutoring

Academic Skill Building

Meet with our Academic Skills Coach

Liz Hwang is available to help you discover tools and resources to become a more effective and efficient student. She meets with students remotely via Zoom and will have some in-person availability in HSEC in the Twin Cities. Liz comes to us with experience in advising, student life, and student affairs from St. Cloud State and at the U of M TC campus. Learn more about Liz here.

Meet with Liz

PharmD Tutoring


Drop-in and Review Sessions

  • Drop-in sessions are open to all students - join as an individual or bring your study group! Tutors answer questions if students have them, but also help clarify course concepts, provide additional practice problems, connect content between courses, and can talk broadly about class topics or materials.
  • Exam review sessions are hosted just prior to each scheduled exam and provide an opportunity to review material that covers specific course topics students are likely to see on upcoming assessments.

Session hours are posted on the PharmD Tutoring calendar layer on the Current Students webpage.

One-on-One Tutoring

Students that are in danger of performing poorly (D or below) in a given course may be eligible for more personalized one-on-one tutoring if they meet the following criteria:

  • Attend class on a regular basis
  • Engage course faculty to review course content
  • Consult TAs during office hours
  • Use available drop-in and review sessions

Please complete this form and email your Student Advisor to learn more about this opportunity.