Career & Self-Exploration

Career Services uses three primary areas to assist students in furthering their career development. These areas are focused on: Self-Awareness, Exploring Career Options, and Preparation.


How well can you identify and articulate your interests, personality, strengths/skills, and values? All of these are important in considering what area of pharmacy may be better suited to you and the unique qualities you bring to an organization and position. Check out these free online tools that can help you increase your self-awareness.

Critical Factors assessment from APhA

Work Values Matcher

Personality assessment (similar to MBTI)

APhA Career Pathways also provides comprehensive tools for pharmacy students to evaluate and develop their career paths.

Exploring Career Options

Career opportunities are vast, and evolving constantly! Gaining an understanding of your options early on can help you be more planful with your time as a PharmD student in seeking out experiences to gain relevant experience in your area of interest. In addition to the resources below, seeking out pharmacists to shadow or do informational interviews with is a great way to get an inside perspective to evaluate if a certain role or setting is right for you.

APhA Career Option Profiles

COP Pharmacy Career Exploration Center

ASHP Explore Careers (members only content)


Your Career Coach is also available for an individual career development consultation.