Leadership Emphasis Area

Leadership Emphasis Area (LEA) graduates believe that they have the ability to lead change regardless of their position or title and as a result, they seek to alter their environment, taking responsibility to create desirable change in whatever professional setting they work. They have the knowledge and confidence necessary to lead the change they envision.

Emphasis Desired Outcomes

The Leadership Emphasis Area has three broad outcome areas. Achievement of these outcomes is supported by engaging in multiple didactic, experiential and self-directed learning activities over the course of completing the LEA requirements.

  1. Articulate the roles and responsibilities of leaders.
  2. Develop awareness of self as a leader.
  3. Exhibit the ability to lead change.

Our Vision for Leadership Emphasis Area Graduates

LEA graduates are able to articulate attributes and roles of a leader clearly and concisely. They have developed a personal definition of leadership rooted in evidence and stated in their own words. They have a working knowledge of the contemporary literature on leading change; they rely on it to guide their actions and recognize when to share it with others for the purpose of facilitating change.

One of the strongest traits these graduates take with them is the act of regular, critical reflection. From this, their leadership skills continuously evolve. The concept of “being on the balcony” is not limited to situations and specific environments – LEA graduates frequently “get on the balcony” in order to broadly assess their goals, performance and career progression.

Like the trail of a boat passing slowly through calm waters, these graduates leave behind them a wake of positive change, creating a small but undeniable ripple of improvement in all settings in which they are engaged. They not only lead by example, demonstrating excellence in their chosen role in pharmacy, they also seek to create the change necessary for the provision of unparalleled patient care. Their commitment to leadership benefits patients, colleagues, employers, and our profession.

LEA Graduates Stories

Faces of Change for Pharmacy Practice

Student pharmacists submitted this video about educational experiences (e.g., courses, experiential learning, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities) in the LEA program. They addressed how the unique program aspects created a sense of responsibility and empowered them as individuals to lead change in pharmacy practice.