Supplemental Application

The University of Minnesota requires some materials unique to our program to be submitted directly to the University through links we provide via email once you've designated the University of Minnesota as a program to which you're applying in PharmCAS.

Part of the supplemental application consists of additional applicant information we use in the review of applications, and some information we collect from prospective students and applicants to help improve our admissions outreach efforts. The other part of the supplemental application is our supplemental essay questions.

Application Processing Fee

The $75 University of Minnesota PharmD application processing fee is required for a complete application. The link to pay the application processing fee will be provided to applicants.

The fee may be paid online with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. If you received a PharmCAS application fee waiver, you are also eligible to waive the supplemental application fee but must contact us at for instructions.


We urge you to draft your essay questions in a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs - and draft them as early in the application cycle as possible to allow time for editing and revising. However, be aware of the character limits for each essay - when you paste your essays into PharmCAS and our supplemental application, be sure they are not cut off! Treat these questions like you would a paper you are assigned to write at a university.

Required Essay

Required Essay

Please select one of the experiences you listed in your application (work, leadership, extracurricular, volunteer, etc.) and tell us more about your involvement in that activity. Tell us why you chose to get involved in that activity, the skills and knowledge you have gained, and the individual impact or contributions that you made. (Maximum 2000 characters, including spaces.)

Optional Essay

Optional Essay

This essay is OPTIONAL and provides an opportunity for you to share any additional information that you feel is not captured elsewhere in the application. Please note: applicants are encouraged to provide an explanation of any areas of our selection criteria that may be less competitive than previously admitted applicants (see for info). For example, if your GPA and/or PCAT fall significantly below the averages of our previously admitted applicants, you are strongly encouraged to write this essay providing an explanation of the factors that contributed to your GPA and/or PCAT and the steps you have taken to ensure that you have the academic foundation necessary for success in the PharmD curriculum. (Maximum 2000 characters, including spaces.)

Reapplicant Essay (Required)

Reapplicant Essay (Required)

This additional essay is required for reapplicants to the University of Minnesota PharmD program ONLY. Please indicate the outcome of your previous application (whether you withdrew, were not offered admission, etc.) as well as information about the ways in which your application has changed since you last applied. Please comment specifically on steps you have taken to improve your application, such as seeking reapplicant counseling from admissions staff, retaking coursework or the PCAT, gaining additional experiences, etc. (Maximum 2000 characters including spaces.)

Some Tips on Writing and Revising Your Essays

  • Draft your essays, then don’t read them for a week. You’ll return with a fresh perspective.

  • Ask family or friends to read your essays, but don’t tell them what you were asked to write about. When they’re done reading, what do they think you were assigned to write? If they can answer that question, then you’ve answered our questions! If they aren’t sure what your writing assignment was, you may not have addressed the essay prompts specifically enough.

Need help getting started on your personal statement or want a one-on-one consultation on a draft of your essay? Use the online workshop Personal Statements for a Health Program.