Thank you for your interest in the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program! For our admission process, we practice holistic admissions and utilize a rolling admissions.

What is Holistic Admissions?

Holistic admissions means that we do not use formulas or minimum thresholds* to make admission decisions. Instead, our admissions committee reviews each application from front to back and makes a decision based on how strong the application is as compared to our selection criteria. We encourage applicants to explore the admissions statistics of our most recent incoming class to determine how competitive their application may be.

*Please note that non-native English speakers may be subject to a minimum TOEFL score to be eligible for admission consideration. See the page for International Applicants and Non-native English Speakers for more information.

What is Rolling Admissions?

Rolling admissions means that the admissions committee starts reviewing applications, making admission decisions, and offering seats in our program immediately after our first interview day, which typically occurs in early October. For example, when applicants interview in October, 100% of our seats are open. But by late winter or early spring, our class may be nearly full. In the past, all our seats have been offered and a waitlist has been established by the time our last few interview days occur.

What Does Rolling Admission Mean for Applicants?

Our admissions committee makes its decision whether or not to admit an applicant based solely on our selection criteria, rather than whether or not we have room in the program. Seats in our program are offered to admitted applicants on a “first come, first served” basis, so applying later in the cycle increases the risk that our class will already be full. For example, at the end of the admissions cycle an applicant could be deemed admissible by the admissions committee, but we are unable to offer a seat in our program to the admitted applicant unless and until someone else withdraws from their seat.

Accepting an Offer of Admission and Paying a Tuition Deposit

The University of Minnesota has signed onto a voluntary agreement among many pharmacy schools across the U.S. called the Cooperative Admissions Guidelines (CAG). The purpose of CAG is to allow applicants time to hear back from multiple schools before they are required to pay a large tuition deposit. Participating schools may require up to a $200 deposit prior to March 1, 2019 to hold a seat in a program, but the University of Minnesota has opted to require no deposit to hold a seat prior to March 1, 2019. We want applicants to feel no pressure and have the time to thoughtfully consider their options and explore different programs. We believe the strength of our PharmD program will differentiate us from other offers of admission applicants will receive.

Our PharmD Program

As the #2 ranked pharmacy school in the U.S., we prepare students to become the medication expert on the healthcare team. To learn more about our program, visit The Minnesota PharmD page.

One Application; Two Campuses

The University of Minnesota PharmD program is offered on both of the college’s campuses - Duluth and the Twin Cities. An application to our program is an application to the University of Minnesota; campus assignment occurs administratively after the admissions committee determines whether or not to admit an applicant.

Our program is not a satellite program. Rather, we have faculty located on both campuses, and during classes connected by ITV, instructors are co-teaching from both campuses. To learn more, visit our campus profiles.