Supporting the Challenge

We invite you to learn more about the work of the #RxWriting Challenge:

Frustrated by Your Writing Productivity?”  (CPTL Pulses)

"What does it take to become a successful academic writer?” (CPTL Pulses)

Together, We Write”  (AACP's Academic Pharmacy Now)

The #RxWritingChallenge: A way to boost productivity and camaraderie and overcome writing barriers - A programme description and quality improvement survey

Writing Commentaries

Seventeen authors have worked on seven commentaries to support academic writing in pharmacy.

Janke, Von Hoff, Dy-Boarman
Ashley Castleberry, Wendy Ward, Susan Stein
Charrois, Janke, Covvey, Aronson
Behavioral Habits:
Kristin Janke, Cortney Mospan, Jeff Cain 
Artisanal Habits:
Alicia Bouldin, Kris Harrell


Social Habits:

Time for an “upgrade:” How incorporating social habits can further boost your writing potential

Meghan M. Bodenberg, Kristen Nicols

Emotional Habits:

Academic writing as a journey through "chutes and ladders":  How well are you managing your emotions?

Kristin Janke, Kyle Wilby and Robin Zavod

Writing Podcasts

It's a Journey:  The Pleasures of Academic Writing on the Pharmacy Fika.