Areas of Inquiry and Excellence Overview

Areas of inquiry involve successive scholarly projects that build on one another, advancing knowledge about teaching and learning in a pharmacy education.  These are focused areas within pharmacy education where we have identified and defined specific learning problems, challenges or opportunities. These problems, challenges and opportunities are then actively addressing through consultation with the literature (inside pharmacy and outside), deliberate innovation, systematic observation and proactive, robust evaluation.  In order to advance education locally, as well as nationally and globally, dissemination of lessons learned is a high priority. 

Contacts in these Areas of Inquiry are scholars of the Area.  They devote significant professional development effort to staying abreast in the field.  Their commitment to advancing education through successive initiatives over time guides the evolution and/or transformation of curricula. They are frequently requested as presenters, task force members and consultants in their Area. In addition, they are active members of national and international communities of practice (networks) of faculty pursuing similar goals.

Our members are working to: