#RxWritingChallenge Overview

RX Writing Challenge

#RxWritingChallenge dates: March 25–Apr 5, 2024

In academic pharmacy, writing for publication is an expectation that can be riddled with pressure and guilt. How does one make progress?  Well, community is an asset!  So is a "sprint"—a focused period to make a concerted effort to move forward.

A 14-day writing challenge can give you "permission" to make writing a priority for a defined (short) period of time. It's also an opportunity to try on new writing practices —strategies that may work for you into the future.

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The Pharmacy Writers' 14-Day Challenge is inspired by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity's 14-day challenge.  If you're affiliated with a NCFDD Member University, we encourage you to check out their program, which provides additional encouragement and support. Some of the motivation for the Challenge is described here.

Pharmacy writers have excellent insights to share that will advance the practice of pharmacy and pharmacy education.  We are pleased to support and encourage the dissemination of your work through this writing challenge!

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