Biophysical Instrumentation

ITDD Biacore S200 Surface Plasmon Resonance Services

 Biacore S200 Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument

The ITDD conducts SPR studies for projects funded by collaborating PIs or will train new users to operate the Biacore S200

New user training conducted by Deepti Muliadar (

  • New users are required to be experienced SPR users or complete SPR training
  • Training approximates the Biacore Basics training provided by GE
  • The training is a flat rate of $312 for the 8 hour day

Biacore S200 Hourly Rates

S200 instrument rate for unassisted user:

  • $25/hr for 1-8 hrs
  • $200 for 8-24 hrs

For More Information

Courtney Aldrich, Ph.D.
High Throughput Screening & Assay Development
Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development