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Alumni of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Minnesota are leaders in scientific research worldwide.

Our graduates have gone on to succeed in industry or academic positions with the following organizations:

Aligos Therapeutics, ATL, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Techne, Eli Lilly, Foundation Medicine, Harvard University, HB Fuller, Intellia Therapeutics, Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, Pfizer, R2M Pharma, UC Berkeley, VMLY&R Health, Zinpro

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Michael Grillo (PhD), “Discovery of Ligands Targeting the DNA Mutator APOBEC3B using Fragment-based Drug Discovery” Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Alexander Hurben (PhD), “Developing Chemical Tools to Map Molecular Mechanisms that Drive Disease” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Garrett Schey (PhD), “Exploring and Exploiting the Substrate Selectivity of Farnesyltransferase” Advisor: Dr. Mark Distefano

Caroline Buchholz (PhD), “Chemical Probe Development for Bromodomain and PHD Finger-containing Transcription Factor (BPTF) Reader Domains as Anti-Cancer Therapy” Advisor: Dr. William Pomerantz

Jacob Bouchard (PhD), “Discovery of Potent and Selective Melanocortin Receptor Ligands” Advisor: Dr. Carrie Haskell-Luevano

Samantha Kennelly (PhD), “Synthesis And Characterization Studies Of Nucleoside Analogues: Chemical Probes With Photochemically Controlled Properties And Phosphoramidate Pronucleotides As Antiviral Agents” Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Maxwell Dillenburg (PhD), “Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Nucleoside Based Probes to Evaluate the Role of Human Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Protein 1 in Mu Opioid Receptor and N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Cross Regulation” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Md Abdullah Al Noman (PhD), "Developing Contraceptives & Anticancer Agents: RAR Alpha Antagonists & Pironetin Analogs" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Peng Ge (PhD), "Development of Bioassays Engaging Principal Protein Targets in the Diagnostic and Mechanistic Studies of Parkinson's Diseases and Tuberculosis" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

Nicole Mai Bentz (PhD), "Harnessing the Synergistic Self-Assembly of G-Quadruplex-Peptide Phosphoramidates: From Elucidating Assembly Mechanisms and Hydrogel Characteristics to Applications in Supramolecular Drug Delivery" Advisor: Dr. Carston Wagner

Nan Wang (PhD), "Development of CDK2 Allosteric Inhibitors for Male Contraception and Anti-cancer Therapy" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Conrad Fihn (PhD), "Development, Evaluation, and Optimization of Putative Histidine Kinase Inhibitors and Probes for Identification of Direct Cellular Targets in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Beyond" Advisor: Dr. Erin Carlson


Malcolm Cole (PhD), "​Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Pyrazinoic Acid-Derived Antituberculars for Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

An Yang (MS), “Development of Allosteric CDK2 Inhibitors as Non-hormonal Male Contraceptives and Cancer Therapeutics” Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Caitlin Jokipii Kruger (PhD), “1,3-Butadiene-Induced DNA Damage: Ethnic Differences and Sources of Formation” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Dmitri Konorev (PhD), “Biomonitoring Exposures to Environmental and Dietary Carcinogens by Targeted and Untargeted Mass Spectrometry” Advisor: Dr. Robert Turesky

Pooja Hedge (PhD), “Design And Development Of Antibiotics And Synthesis Of Modified Nucleosides” Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

Jian Tang (PhD), “Targeting Transcription Factors in Neuroblastoma: Development of Aurora Kinase A/N-Myc Degraders and ID2 Chemical Probes” Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Mikki Twiggs (MS), “Synthesis and Fluorescence Characterization of a Small Library of N-phenyl-1-naphthylamine Derivatives” Advisor: Dr. Adam Duerfeldt

Scott Brody (PhD), “Proteomic Approaches for Profiling Cofactor-Dependent Proteins in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis” Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich


Ellie Mews (PhD), "​Directing T Cells with Chemically Self-Assembled Nanorings as an Immunotherapy for Targeting Hematological Malignancies and Solid Tumors" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Kayla Vinh (MS), "Exploring Epigenetic Mechanisms of CBP/p300 and BRD4 Through Peptide and Small Molecule Inhibitors " Advisor: Dr. William Pomerantz

Damilola Ademola-Green (MS), "Towards the Discovery of Covalent APOBEC3G Ligands" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Joshua Shirley (PhD), "Development of Activity-Based Probes and Biochemical Methods for the Study of Penicillin-Binding Proteins in Live Bacteria" Advisor: Dr. Erin Carlson

William McCue (PhD), "Structural Studies to Enable Drug Discovery" Advisor: Dr. Barry Finzel

Analise Roth-Rodriguez (MS), "Synthesis of Aryl Substituted Acylpiperidines for the Inhibition of TNFR1" Advisor: Dr. David Ferguson

Connor McDermott (PhD), "New Chemical Matter from Extinct Life and for Extant Life: Paleopharmaceuticals and Bioterrorism Countermeasures" Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ambrose

Anand Divakaran (PhD), "Development and Cellular Evaluation of Selective N-Terminal BET Bromodomain Inhibitors" Co-Advisors: Dr. Daniel Harki and Dr. William Pomerantz

Erik Faber (PhD), "Development of Allosteric Inhibitors against Cyclin-dependent Kinase 2 (CDK2)" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Zoe Koerperich (PhD), "A Solution Towards Weight Management: Discovery, Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Melanocortin Ligands" Advisor: Dr. Carrie Haskell-Luevano

John Schultz (PhD), "Development of Antibacterial Compounds to Target Drug Resistant Bacteria" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich


Jenna Thomforde (MS), "DNA-Protein Cross-links: Formation, Repair, and Inhibition of DNA Replication" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Jiewei Jiang (PhD), "Part 1: Design and Synthesis of BRDT Selective Inhibitors as Male Contraceptive Agents Part 2: Focused Library Synthesis for TGR5 (Takeda G Protein-Coupled Receptor 5) Antagonist" Advisor: Dr. Gunda I. Georg

Xianghong Guan (PhD), "Discovery of Fluorescence Polarization Probes and Inhibitors for Testis-specific Bromodomain and Extra-Terminal (BRDT) Proteins" Advisor: Dr. Gunda I. Georg

Jenna Fernandez (PhD), "Epigenetic Mechanisms in Lung Cancer Development" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Kellan Passow (PhD), "Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Nucleoside Analogues: Development of Fluorescent, Bioorthogonal, and Antiviral Tool Compounds" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Alex Strom (PhD), "Kinetic and Structural Characterization of Human Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Enzymes" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner 

Evan Alexander (PhD), "Selective Inhibition of Virulence Factors in the Human Microbiota" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich 

Brian Gabet (MS), "Development Of Inhibitors For The Cation Channels Of Sperm For Male Contraception" Advisor: Dr. Gunda I. Georg

Özgün Kılıç (PhD), "Targeting EGFR family receptors with CSANs utilizing alternative protein scaffolds" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner  


Sara Coulup (PhD), "Synthesis and Evaluation of a Metabolically Stabilized Analog and Conjugates of Pironetin" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Harrison West (PhD), "Self-assembling Phosphoramidate Pronucleotides: Enzymatic Regulation and Application Towards Therapeutic Delivery" Advisor:  Dr. Carston R. Wagner 

Amanda Degner (MS), "Mass Spectrometry Based Analysis of Electrophile Induced Adducts of Biomolecules" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Katlyn Fleming (PhD), "Development of Molecular Probes for the Central Melanocortin System" Advisor: Dr. Carrie Haskell-Luevano

Erick Carlson (PhD), "The Development of Potential Male Contraceptives Via Inhibition of Catsper and also GBA2" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Andrea Wisniewski (PhD), "Identification and Characterization of Potential BRDT(1) Inhibitors by Fragment-Based Screening Using Differential Screening Fluorimetry and Orthogonal Techniques" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Emily Boldry (MS), "Ethnic Differences in the Metabolism of 1,3-Butadiene and Lung Cancer Risk" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova


Jillian Kyzer (PhD), "Design and Synthesis of Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha Antagonists for Male Ccontraception" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Matthew Bockman (PhD), "Targeting Two Late-Stage Enzymes of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Biotin Biosynthetic Pathway" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

Christopher Seiler (PhD), "Epigenetic Mechanisms in Lung Cancer" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Joseph Buonomo (PhD), "Selective Chemistry to Improve Organic Chemistry and Drug Discovery" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

Clifford Csizmar (PhD), "Engineered Proteins for Studying and Controlling Cellular Recognition" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Aniekan Okon (PhD), "Development of Chemical Probes for Intracellular Nucleotide Delivery, Profiling of the Metabolic Fate(s) of Nucleoside Monoester Phosphoramidates, and A Nucleotide Mimetic Inhibitor of eIF4E" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Katerine Schlasner (MS), "Tetrapeptide Melanocortin Agonist Ligands Exploring Selectivity of the mMC3R Using DPhe Substitutions in the Ac-His-Arg-DPhe-Tic-NH2 Scaffold" Advisor: Dr. Carrie Haskell-Luevano

Arnold Groehler IV (PhD), "Mass Spectrometry-Based Characterization, Quantitation, And Repair Investigations Of Complex DNA Lesions" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Trinh Holth (PhD), "Design and Synthesis of Natural Product Analogs of Stevioside and Synthetic Aanalogs of Retinoic Acid" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg


Jacob Petersburg (PhD), "Prosthetic Antigen Receptors as a Platform for Solid Tumor Immunotherapy" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Rachit Shah (PhD), "A New Target for Pain: Development of Tools to Study Human Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Proteins" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Cody Lensing (PhD), "Bivalent Ligands as Pharmacological Probes for The Melanocortin Receptors: The Bivalent Advantage" Advisor: Dr. Carrie Haskell-Luevano

Carter Eiden (PhD), "Room Temperature Chemoselective Phosphine Oxide Reduction and Mechanism-Based Inhibitors of BioA" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

John Widen (PhD), "Design and Synthesis of Natural Product-Inspired, Cysteine Reactive Probes toward Inhibition of Transcription Factors and Target Identification Studies" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki


Denise Casemore (MS), "Chromene Based Compounds to Treat Multidrug Resistant Cancer" Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Skye Doering (PhD), "Discovery of Peptide and Peptidomimetic Based Ligands Targeting the Melanocortin Receptors: A Campaign in Mixture-Based Positional Scanning, Chemical Topology, and Structure-Activity Relationships" Advisor: Dr. Carrie Haskell-Luevano

William Fiers (PhD), "Biochemical Interrogation of Polyketide Ketoreductase and Dehydratase Domain Stereoselectivity, Stereospecificity and Mechanism via Synthetic, Truncated Substrates" Advisor: Dr. Robert Fecik

David Huang (PhD), "The Synthesis and Evaluation of Pironetin and Pironetin Analogs as Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Kimberly Maize (PhD), "Structure Biology for Drug Design: Applications in Two System" Advisor: Dr. Barry Finzel

Jingjing Shen (PhD) (Chemistry), "Self-Assembled Antibody Nanorings as Prosthetic Antigen Receptors for Redirecting T Cells and as Platform for Co-delivery of Vaccine and Adjuvants for Cancer Immunotherapy" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Nicholas Struntz (PhD), "Synthesis of Photoresponsive Nucleosides and Their Incorporation into Oligonucleotides: Targeting Androgen Receptor and NF-kB Transcription Factors" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Adam Zarth (PhD), "Analyses of Detoxification and DNA Damage From the Human Carcinogens Benzene and N'-Nitrosonorni Cotine" Advisor: Dr. Stephen Hecht

Bo Zhou (PhD), "Chalcone-Based Chemical Probes as Versatile Tools for Potential Target Identification and Mechanism Elucidation of Chalcone's Bioactivities" Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing


Ran Dai (PhD), "Fragment based inhibitor design of Mycobacterium tuberculosis BioA" Advisor: Dr. Barry Finzel

Elbek K. Kurbanov (PhD), "Synthetic, Biochemical, C-ray Crystallographic, Computational and High-Throughput Screening Approaches Toward Anthrax Toxin Lethal Factor" Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ambrose

Yang Li (PhD), "Deciphering Cryptic Stereochemistry in Polyketide Biosynthesis and Functional Characterization of β-processing Domains in Pikromycin Synthase" Advisor: Dr. Robert Fecik

Li-Kai Liu (PhD), "Discovery of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Hyaluronan Binding at Cell Receptor CD44" Advisor: Dr. Barry Finzel

Margaret Olson (PhD), "High-Throughput Screening and Chemical Synthesis for the Discovery of APOBEC3 DNA Cytosine Deaminase Inhibitors" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki


Amit Gangar (PhD), "Self-Assembled Nanostructures For The Cellular Delivery Of Small Molecules, Oligonucleotides And Proteins For The Treatment Of Cancer" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Kwon Ho Hong (PhD), "Na,K-ATPase Alpha4 Isoform and HSP90 Molecular Chaperone as Molecular Targets for Drug Discovery" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

Adwait Ranade (PhD), “Library Synthesis of Piperidinone Sulfonamides, Transition Metal-free C-H Trifluoromethylation of Cyclic Enaminones, and Elucidating the Binding Site of Epothilones on Beta-Tubulin with Epothilone Phtotoaffinity Probes” Advisor: Gunda Georg

Dewakar Sangaraju (PhD), "Mass Spectrometry Based Quantifications of 1, 3-Butadiene Induced DNA Adducts: Biomarkers of Cancer Risk” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Susith Wickramaratne (PhD), “Biological Consequences of Complex DNA Lesions Induced by Bis-Electrophiles” Advisors: Drs. Natalia Tretyakova and Mark Distefano

Xia Zhang (PhD), "Experimental and Computational Methods for Identification of Novel Fungal Histone Acetyltransferase Rtt109 Inhibitors" Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth A. Ambrose


Timothy E. Andrews (MS), "Enhancing the Potency and Water Solubility of the Sesquiterpene Lactone Parthenolide" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki

Adam R. Benoit (PhD), "Synthesis and Evaluation of Acridine and Acridone Based Compound as Anti-Cancer and Anti-Bacterial Agents" Advisor: Dr. David Ferguson.

Nicholas P. Bleeker (MS), "Advancing a Novel Chemotype for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Cancer" Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Kari A. Gabrielse (PhD), "Chemically Self-Assembled Antibody Nanorings: a Multifaceted Approach to Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Using Techniques Including Drug Delivery, Bispecific Targeting, and T Cell Surface Modification" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Srikanth Kotapati (PhD), "Mass Spectrometry-Based Analysis of Urinary Metabolites of 1,3-Butadiene (BD) in Humans and Influence of BD-DNA Adducts on DNA Replication" Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Rahul R. Lad (PhD), “Chemical and Biomolecular Structures in Recognition of DNA Modification” Advisor: Dr. Shana J. Sturla

Kathryn M. Nelson (PhD), "Synthesis and Evaluation of Tranvalencin Analogues and Adenylation Inhibitors as Antitubercular Agents and Chemical Probes" Advisor: Dr. Courtney Aldrich

Dan Wang (MS), "Synthesis and Evaluation of Parthenolide Analogues: Chemical Probes and Therapeutic Agents" Advisor: Dr. Daniel Harki


Bryant C. Gay (PhD), " Cyclic Enaminones: Synthons for Piperidine Containing Natural Products and Natural Product Analogs" Advisor: Dr. Gunda Georg

David Lampi Hermanson (PhD), "Mechanisms of CXL017: Targeting Drug Resistant Cancer" Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Shui Li (MS), "Evaluation of Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 4E (elF4E) Antagonist 4Ei-1 in Mammalian Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer Cells: Chemosensitization with Low Cytotoxicity" Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Michael T. Peterson (PhD), "Design and synthesis of tubulysin analogs that stabilize and mimic a key acetate important for potent antiproliferative activity against multi-drug resistant cancers" Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Fecik

Martin B. Philips (PhD), "Characterization of the Chemical Properties of Intermediates in Furan Metabolism" Advisor: Lisa A. Peterson

Aaron Teitelbaum (PhD), "Pre-clinical Drug Development of 9-aminoacridines for Malignant Glioma and Meropenem Prodrugs for Drug-resistant Tuberculosis" Advisor: Dr. Rory P. Remmel


Sonia Das (PhD), “Developing Effective Anti-Cancer Agents that Target Drug-Resistant Malignancies” Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Xun Ming (MS), “DNA-protein cross-linking by CIS-1,1,2,2-diamminedichloroplatinum (II) (Cisplatin) formation of 8-OXO-dG and oxazolone lesions with p53 derived DNA sequences following photooxidation in the presence of riboflavin” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova


Theresa Aliwarga (MS), “Clinical Pharmacokinetics Study of Phenytoin in Epilepsy Patients and Expression of Oxysterol 7alpha-Hydroxylase (hCYP7B1) in E. coli” Advisor Dr. Rory P. Remmel

Sanaa K. Bardaweel (PhD), “Defining the Catalytic and Kinetic Mechanism and Natural Function of the Highly Conserved Acyl-AMP Hydrolase, Hint1” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Qing Li (PhD), “Chemically Self-Assembled Antibody Nanorings (CSANs): Design and Characterization of an Anti-CD3 IgM Biomimetic” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Erin Michaelson-Richie (MS), “DNA-Protein Cross-Linking by Bifunctional DNA Alkylating Agents” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Jin Zhou (PhD), “Exploration on Atypical Kinetics of UGT1A1 and UGT1A4” Advisors: Dr. Rory P. Remmel, Dr. Timothy S. Tracy

Xin Zhou (PhD), “I. Probing the Catalytic Potential of Tyrosine 190 of the Hamster Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) and Implication of Protein Intracellular Stability II. Catalytic and Kinetic Mechanisms of Human Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Protein 1 (Hint1)” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner


Swapna Bhagwanth (PhD), “Synthetic approaches Toward Azabicyclic and Azaspirobicyclic Scaffolds Relevant to Peptide Conformation Control” Advisor: Dr. Rodney L. Johnson

Hailey L. Gahlon (MS), “Understanding p53 Regulation: Post-Translational Modification Affects at the DNA Binding domain and Binding to its Negative Repressor hDM2” Advisor: Dr. Shana J. Sturla

Melissa M. Goggin (PhD), “Formation, Persistence, and Repair of 1,2,3,4-Diepoxybutane-Induced Bifunctional DNA Adducts in Tissues of Rodents Exposed to 1,3-Butadiene by Inhalation” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova

Li Liu (PhD), “Studies on Human Arylamine N-Acetyltransferases” Advisor: Dr. Patrick E. Hanna

Xiaodan (Kathy) Liu (PhD), “Natural Products and their Derivatives in Cancer Prevention and Therapy: Inositol Phosphates and Illudin S” Advisor: Dr. Shana J. Sturla.

Lei Meng (MS), “Quantitation of N2-Ethylidene-dGuo in Human Leukocyte DNA of Singapore Chinese Women and the Effect of Wok Cooking” Advisor: Dr. Stephen S. Hecht

Kathryn E. Pietsch (MS), “Chemical Aspects of Scylfulvene Bioactivation to a Cytotoxic Reactive Intermediate” Advisor: Dr. Shana J. Sturla

Brian R. White (PhD), “Toward Therapeutic Nanoassemblies: The Design and Modeling of Protein-Protein Interactions” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Siyi Zhang (PhD), “Analysis of Pyridyloxobutyl and Pyridylhydroxybuty1 DNA Adducts in Extra-Hepatic Tissues of Rats Treated with Tobacco -Specific Nitrosamines” Advisor: Dr. Stephen S. Hecht


Ranganathan Balasubramanian (PhD), “Part I: Design and synthesis of CYP7B1 Inhibitors for the Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer," "Part II: Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Tubulysins” Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Fecik

Jignesh Doshi (PhD), “Rational Design, syntheses, and Biological Evaluation of Antagonists against Anti-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Proteins” Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Thomas E. Johnson (MS), “Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Potential Chemopreventive Agents Against Lung Tumorigenesis” Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Jolanna Norton (MS), “Synthesis of Nucleoside Analogs for Elucidation of APOBEC3G Cytidine Deaminase Mechanism” Advisor: Dr. Shana J. Sturla

Cory Kending (PhD), “The Design and Synthesis of Constrained AVPI Peptidomimetics” Advisor: Dr. Rodney L. Johnson.

Rachel Loeber (PhD), “DNA-Protein Cross-Linking by Bis-Electrophiles” Advisor: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova.

Sadiya Noor Addo (MS), “Mechanistic Studies of Small Molecule Antagonists of Anti-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Proteins” Advisor: Dr. Chengguo Xing

Jaeson C. Steel (MS), “Progress Towards the Synthesis of the Tubulysins” Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Fecik


Swati S. More (PhD), “Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Glutathione Peptidomimetics as Components of Targeted Prodrugs and Glyoxalase I Inhibitors” Advisor: Dr. Robert Vince

Ding Lu (PhD), “The Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pseudosymmetric HIV-I Protease Inhibitors Featuring Sulfoximine Functionality as a Potential Transition State Mimic” Advisor: Dr. Robert Vince


Upendra Argikar (PhD), “Effects of Age, Induction, Regulation and Polymorphisms on the Metabolism of Antiepileptic Drugs” Advisor: Dr. Rory P. Remmel

Tsui-Fen Chou (PhD), “Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Proteins (Hints): Nucleoside Phosphoramidases and Potential Regulators of Aminoacyl – tRNA Synthetases” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

David S. Daniels (PhD), “Bivalent Opioid Ligands as Probes for the Investigation of Opioid Receptor Dimerization. Development of Novel Analgesics without Tolerance or Physical Dependence” Advisor: Dr. Philip S. Portoghese

John W. Giraldes (MS), “Substrate Specificity and Affinity Labeling Studies of Polyketide Synthase Thioesterases” Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Fecik

John R. Goodell (PhD), “Synthesis and Evaluation of Heterocyclic Antiviral Agents” Advisor: Dr. David Ferguson

Brian E. Kane (PhD), “Molecular Recognition of G – Protein Coupled Receptor Ligands: Insights into Salvinorin A and Xanomeline” Advisor: Dr. David Ferguson

Yabin Lao (PhD), “Analysis by HPLC – ESI – MS/MS of Pyridyloxobutyl DNA Adducts in F344 Rats Treated with Tobacco – Specific Nitrosamines” Advisor: Dr. Stephen S. Hecht

Bhooma Raghavan (PhD), “Synthesis of 5.6.5 Spiro Bicyclic Lactams and Photoaffinity Labeling Ligands for PLG Binding Site and Stereoseletive Synthesis of α – Substituted γ – Lactams” Advisor: Dr. Rodney L. Johnson

Terry W. Steele (PhD), “Acid Cleavable Alkyl Polyethlenimine Dendrimeric Vectors for Novel Gene Delivery” Advisor: Dr. W. Thomas Shier

Ashish P. Vartak (PhD), “Design and Synthesis of Type – VI β-Turn Mimics of L-Prolyl-Xaa-L-Prolinamide” Advisor Rodney L. Johnson


Jonathan C. T. Carlson (PhD), “Towards Therapeutic Nanoassemblies: Chemically Induced Protein Oligomerization” Advisor: Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Abigail Fisher (PhD), “Photoaffinity Labeling and Conformationally Constrained Analogs of the Dopamine Receptor Modulator L-Prolyl-L-Leucyl-Glycinamide” Advisor: Dr. Rodney L. Johnson

Xingnan Li (PhD), “Synthesis and Biological Evaluations of Conformationally Restrained α, γ-Diketo Acid Analogs and Purine-Containing Mg2+ Chelating Ligands as Inhibitors for HIV Integrase” Advisor: Dr. Robert Vince

Priyanka A Rao (MS), “Analysis of Phenathrene Metabolite by Liquid Chromatography – Tandem Mass Spectrometry” Advisor: Dr. Stephen S. Hecht

Ye Tang (PhD), “Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Unsaturated Carbo-Acyclic Nucleosides” Advisor: Dr. Robert Vince

Haiqing Wong (PhD), “Studies on Arylamine N-Acetyltransferases” Advisors: Dr. Patrick E. Hanna, Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Hansen L. Wong (PhD), “Tissue-Specific Metabolic Activation of Carcinogenic Nitrosamines” Advisor: Dr. Stephen S. Hecht