Taito O. Soine Lecture

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Professor Taito O. Soine had a long and distinguished career in medicinal chemistry and natural products chemistry in addition to holding several important leadership positions in the department and college. It is in Professor Soine's memory that the Soine Lecture in Medicinal Chemistry has been established. Through this lecture the department recognizes scientists who have made outstanding contributions to medicinal and natural products chemistry.

2023 Soine Lecture

Soine Lectures by Year

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2020 - 2024

Dr. Sarah O'Connor
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
"Harnessing the Chemistry of Medicinal Plants"

2015 - 2019

Dr. Ruth Wexler
Bristol-Myers Squibb
"Discovery of Novel Anticoagulants: New Frontiers and Lessons Learned"

Dr. Judy Bolton
University of Illinois at Chicago
"Botanicals as Natural Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy: Role in Breast Cancer Prevention"

2010 - 2014

Dr. James A. Wells
University of California, San Francisco
"Drug Discovery at Challenging Interfaces: the High Hanging Fruit”

Dr. Robert P. Hanzlik
University of Kansas
'Reactive Metabolites, Cellular Targets, & Beyond"

2005 - 2009

Dr. Duane D. Miller
University of Tennessee
"Search for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs)"

Dr. Baldomero M. Olivera
University of Utah
"Conus Peptides: Drug Discovery from Animal Biodiversity"

Dr. Gunda I. Georg
University of Kansas
"A Personal Perspective of Academic Medicinal Chemistry Research in the Past, Present and Future"

2000 - 2004

Dr. Neal Castagnoli, Jr.
Virginia Tech
"Studies on the Cytochrome P450 and Monoamine Oxidase Catalyzed Oxidation of (Cyclic Allylic) Teriary Amines"

Dr. Garland R. Marshall
Washington University
"Exploring the Interface Between G-Proteins and their Receptors"

1995 - 1999

Dr. Ralph F. Hirschmann
University of Pennsylvania
"Peptidomimetics: The Synthesis of Unnatural Products: Challenges, Potential and Hazards"

1990 - 1994

Dr. Leroy B. Townsend
University of Michigan
"The Synthesis of Selected Halogenated Benzimidazole Nucleosides and a Discussion on the Role of the Substituent at N1 in Relation to their Biological Activity"

Dr. George L. Kenyon 
University of California, San Francisco
"The Design of Enzyme Inhibitors and DNA Binding Agents Using Shape Complementarity"

Dr. Kuo-Hsiung Lee
University of North Carolina
"Bioactive Natural Products and Analogs as Antitumor, Anti-Malarial, Antifungal, and Anti-Aids Agents"

1985 - 1989

Dr. Donald T. Witiak
Ohio State University
"ACI-Reductones: Compounds of Interest in the Study of Atherogenic Mechanisms"

Dr. Arthur D. Broom
University of Utah
"Probes of the Thymidylate Synthase Active-Site"

1980 - 1984

Dr. Mathias P. Mertes
University of Kansas
"Cofactor Activation in the Design of K-Cat Inhibitors"

Dr. Joseph G. Cannon
University of Iowa
"Structure-Activity Studies of Dopamine Congeners Related to Ergoline"

Dr. Raymond E. Counsell
University of Michigan Medical School
"Approaches to the Site-Specific Delivery of Lipid-Soluble Agents"

Dr. Howard J. Schaeffer
Burroughs Wellcome
"The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Antiviral Agents"

1975 - 1979

First Soine Lecture
Dr. John A. Montgomery
Southern Research Institute
"Adventures in Purine Nucleoside Chemistry and Biology"