PhD Requirements

During the first year, all students are required to complete a core program that includes didactic courses in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, an organic chemistry.  After completion of the first semester students may elect to designate a secondary area of study. The remainder of student coursework includes laboratory rotations, seminars, and electives to support their area of research.

PhD Coursework Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits of required and elective graduate (5000 or 8000) level coursework and 24 Doctoral Thesis Credits (MedC 8888). This coursework and thesis credit requirements are generally completed during the first two years of study. A typical course sequence is illustrated below.

After their first semester in the program, students should register for a maximum of 14 credits of graduate level coursework and/or MedC8888 thesis credits each semester until they have completed their thesis credit requirement. Under no circumstances should a student register for more than 14 credits in a semester without approval from either the DGS or their advisor, as this entails significant additional tuition costs.

After two years, some students may be in a situation where they have completed all of their course requirements and they need less than 6 credits to complete their thesis requirements. In this situation, students will need to register for 6 credits of MedC 8888 thesis credits to retain their full-time status. Once students have completed their thesis credit requirement and have met the other advanced doctoral student status requirements, they will begin in the following semester to register for a specific one-credit registration (MedC 8444) that certifies the student as full-time.

Until the student has a research advisor, the Director of Graduate Study will approve all registrations. It is a program requirement that before registering each semester students must consult with and obtain the approval of either their advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Program in Medicinal Chemistry