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Jim Cloyd

Dr. James Cloyd and graduate student Adeboye Bamgboye co-author poster

Caitlin Lichtenfels

Lichtenfels received the fellowship through the graduate school's endowed fellowship program.

Jerrett Holdaway

Holdaway is traveling to Utrecht, NL to attend a Medicinal Chemistry conference.

Lan & Lichtenfels

Tian Lan & Caitlin Lichtenfels received coveted CoP Bighley & Rowell Fellowships.

Gunda Georg

Developer Dr. Gunda Georg's two decades of research pave the way for this next step.


Their paper entitled Nuclear DNA and Mitochondrial Damage of the Cooked Meat Carcinogen 2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine in Human Neuroblastoma Cells was selected as a Paper of the Month in September 2023.

Alexis Stoorza

Medicinal Chemistry PhD student Alexis Stoorza's project will focus on more precisely defining the binding mode and selectivity of CpxA inhibitors.

Dr. Gunda Georg and Dr. Dan Harki

A new publication in Nature Communications describes the development and mechanism of action of new allosteric inhibitors that show promise for further development into a selective but efficacious therapeutic.

Portrait of Stephen Schondelmeyer

"We want to move away from the "fail and fix" approach to the "predict and prevent approach", which includes transparency and supply-demand databases."  

Dr. Ann Philbrick

Dr. Philbrick leads the College of Pharmacy in COVID-19 education programs