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Dr. Pakhomov

Research in Dr. Pakhomov’s lab is focused on development and validation of novel computational methods and technology for collection and analysis of unstructured time-series data. For example: continuous speech and language, heart rate, and galvanic skin response in order to understand how behavioral and physiological characteristics related to changes in cognition and mental states are affected by neurodegenerative and mental health disorders, effects of medications, and exposure to stress. Currently, Dr. Pakhomov’s lab is engaged in three NIH funded projects. 

Portrait of Debbie Pestka

Embedding researchers into practice can help health systems ensure that they are providing evidence-based care delivery, and the highest quality and most cost-effective care.

portrait of Lisa Hillman

Exploring the medication experience of African American women living with or at high risk for chronic kidney disease: A phenomenological investigation.

Dr. Ann Philbrick

Dr. Ann Philbrick is an associate professor in PCHS, College of Pharmacy and the department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota. She is on the faculty of Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program and maintains her pharmacy practice at Bethesda Family Medicine Clinic.

Collage of workforce survey members

Dr. Schommer is a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems. He has devoted his career to teaching and research. Much of his work is related to the pharmacist workforce at both national and state levels.