About Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Graduate Program

Prepare for your career in clinical and translational research with a PhD or MS degree in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology.

The Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology graduate program at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy is an innovative, interdisciplinary program that trains students to conduct research encompassing methodology from basic and clinical pharmacology perspectives.

The program was designed specifically for students who are interested in clinical and translational and share our goal of advancing the science of human pharmacology and therapeutics to improve the safe, effective and economical use of drugs by patients. 

In our program, students study experimental pharmacotherapy, infectious disease, neuroscience/neuropharmacology, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacometrics in a highly individualized course of study that is chosen in close consultation with their advisor.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is Nov. 30, 2023. Students are admitted for fall semester only.

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