Beshay Zordoky, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (ECP)
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3-120 Weaver Densford Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States


Associate Professor, Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (ECP)


Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research

PhD, University of Alberta, Canada, Pharmaceutical Sciences

MSc, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Clinical Pharmacy

BSc, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Pharmacy

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Bio Summary

My research focuses on cardio-oncology. Cardio-oncology has emerged as a novel scientific discipline that aims to mitigate the cardiovascular adverse effects of anti-cancer agents. Since the survival of cancer patients has significantly increased over the past two decades, it is very important to improve the quality of life of these cancer survivors.

Awards & Recognition

  • Masonic Cancer Center Women's Health Scholar - University of Minnesota.
  • American Cancer Society - Institutional Research Grant.
  • Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research Grant.
  • Best Poster Award for Pre-K Scholars, CTSI - University of Minnesota.
  • Special Merit Award for Research Excellence, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota.
  • Young Investigator Travel Grant, International Society of Heart Research.
  • New Investigator Pre-K Career Development Award, CTSI - University of Minnesota.
  • Clinician Fellowship, Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
  • Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, University of Alberta.

Research Interests

  • Identifying the mechanisms of juvenile anthracycline-induced latent cardiotoxicity.
  • Determining the role of cellular senescence in cancer treatment-induced cardiovascular toxicity.
  • Defining sex-related differences in cardiovascular diseases.



PHAR 6732: Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology of Cardiovascular Agents

PHAR 6726: Principles of Pharmacology

ECP 5620: Drug Metabolism and Disposition

MICaB 8013: Translational Cancer Research



Google Scholar

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Abdelgawad IY, Agostinucci K, Sadaf B, Grant MKO, and Zordoky BN. Metformin mitigates SASP secretion and LPS-triggered hyper-inflammation in Doxorubicin-induced senescent endothelial cells. Frontiers in Aging. 2023, Apr 24;4:1170434.

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* Equally contributing co-authors.