The Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

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Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

The Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (ECP) is at the forefront of the emerging discipline of experimental pharmacotherapeutics, providing national and international leadership in individualized medicine through prominent research and an excellent graduate program.

Graduate Program

The Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology graduate program at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy is an innovative, interdisciplinary program that trains students to conduct research encompassing methodology from basic and clinical pharmacology perspectives. In our program, students study:

Graduates are prepared for distinguished careers in clinical research

  • Experimental Pharmacotherapy
  • Drug metabolism
  • Infectious disease
  • Pharmacometrics
  • Pharmacogenomics

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Faculty Spotlight

melani nicolAssistant Professor Melanie Nicol has spent her career pursuing HIV/AIDS research. In recent years, she has focused much of her efforts on researching HIV/AIDs prevention in women specifically, and has begun participating in international partnerships to combat the disease globally. To continue this work and developing international partnerships, Dr. Nicol was awarded a K08 young investigator career development grant from the National Institute of Health; National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIH NIAID) to study specific factors affecting the efficacy of HIV preventative drugs in women.

Current studies include: “Evaluating Antiretroviral Pharmacology in the Female Genital Tract to Optimize HIV Prevention,” (NIH NIAID K08), “Pharmacology of Antiretrovirals in Anatomical Brain Tissue among persons with chronic HIV infection” (NIH NINDS), and "Role of the Vaginal Microbiome in Antiretroviral Disposition in the Female Genital Tract" (UMN AHC).

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Research Projects

Advancing the science of human pharmacology and therapeutics through translational research

Research conducted by department faculty can focus on a range of topics, diseases/conditions, and investigational methods. Some current and recent projects are highlighted here:

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Community Health
  • Drug Dependence
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Pharmacometrics/ Pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Infectious Disease

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ECP Gazette

Biannual Newsletter of the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology.

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Jeannine Conway

She will provide vision and leadership for professional education, and ensure the curriculum is effectively designed, implemented and delivered.

Ramaiah Award

The award recognizes his outstanding work on awareness and policy advocacy for rare diseases for the Asian Indian community.

Pamala Jacobson received the Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/ Leader Award from the University of Minnesota Women’s Center, Office for Equity and Diversity and was honored at their

ECP Clinical and Translational Research

This cross-disciplinary paradigm translates basic scientific discoveries into safe and effective therapeutic uses by providers and patients, through laboratory experiments and clinical studies. Clinical data can also prompt new questions and investigations, leading back to the bench and beginning a new cycle of translational research.