Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pharmaceutics and pharmacology?

Pharmaceutics is concerned with the quantitative aspects of drug delivery, and involves the design, development, and evaluation of drugs in combination with an appropriate dosage form. Pharmacology is the study of how drugs interact with biological targets in order to exert their effects on living systems.

Can I apply if I don't have a pharmacy background?

Yes. Many Pharmaceutics students have non-pharmacy backgrounds in areas such as chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, neuroscience, computer science, biostatistics and mathematics.

Do I need to have a master's degree to apply?

A bachelor's degree is sufficient. If you are admitted, any missing prerequisites will be built into your program of study.

How long will it take to earn an MS degree?

The MS degree program in Pharmaceutics averages two to three years.

How long will it take to earn a PhD degree?

The PhD degree program in Pharmaceutics averages four to five years.

How much will it cost?

The Pharmaceutics program offers a full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a competitive stipend for up to five years to full-time PhD graduate students. Students are responsible only for insurance co-pays, student fees, textbooks, and some course supplies.

MS graduate students need to be financially self-supported (through student loans, educational grants and scholarships, etc.). Students are also responsible for tuition, insurance co-pays, student fees, textbooks, and course supplies. Information on graduate program tuition rates can be found on the One Stop Student Services website.

The application process is paperless, but what if I have paper copies of documents?

You will need to scan them in order to attach them to your application electronically.

Is the TOEFL or IELTS required if I am in the U.S.?

Applicants who have completed 24 quarter credits or 16 semester credits (within the past 24 months) in residence as a full-time student at a recognized institution of higher learning in the U.S. (or other English-speaking country) before entering the University of Minnesota may be exempted from this requirement.

I'd like a specific professor to be my advisor. Should I send my application packet directly to him/her?

No. Applications and all requirements are submitted electronically via the ApplyYourself system and, when complete, will be formally appraised by all Pharmaceutics faculty.

If my GRE and/or TOEFL/IELETS scores are pending, can my application be evaluated without them?

No. Applications can be appraised only when all requirements have arrived.

Can I apply to several programs with just one application?

A separate application and fee is required for each program.

I have full or partial funding from my country. Can I join your program for my studies?

All who wish to enter our program must submit a complete application packet and receive admission from the Pharmaceutics faculty.

Does admission to the MS program guarantee admission to the PhD program?

No. Admission to the MS program will not guarantee admission into the PhD program; however, it can provide an advantage to your application. Current MS students who are interested in acceptance into the PhD program will need to apply online and pay an application fee. 

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