PhD Degree

Requirements for PhD Degree

Coursework leading to the PhD degree consists of study in major field, a minor field, or a collateral field of knowledge and/or a special research technique. The total content of the major is individually and flexibly constructed by the student in consultation with the major advisor based upon the needs of the student and the advice of the major advisor. The minor area will include a minimum of one-sixth of the total coursework. A collateral field of study or a special research technique must include a minimum of nine credits.

The PhD degree requires a minimum of 35 graduate credits in the Social and Administrative Pharmacy core. In addition, 12 credits of a minor or supporting program are required. The doctoral program requires a minimum of 47 graduate credits excluding the 24 Doctoral Thesis credits required by the Graduate School.


Students must pass a written preliminary examination. The written preliminary exam emphasizes the application of research methodologies to address SAPh research questions, comprehension of core concepts taught in the SAPh curriculum, and the ability to critically appraise the strengths and limitations of SAPh research. In addition, students must complete an oral preliminary examination, which focuses upon the rationale for the thesis and the proposed methodology. The rationale and proposed methodology are submitted to the examining committee in written form at least two weeks before the oral examination.