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Lisa Hillman, PharmD (PhD)
The Medication Experience of African American Women Living with Kidney-Related Diseases

Apiew Ojulu, PharmD (MS)


Robert Bechtol, MS (PhD)
Using the Evaluation Sciences to Understand "How" and "Why" the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Leadership Program Works

Jenna Boudreau, PharmD (MS)
Implementation of Automated Text Messaging of the RAPID-3 Assessment in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis as an Approach to Increase Clinical Data

Alice Callahan, PharmD (MS)
Multi-Step Order Transmittal (MSOT) Impact on Specialty Prescription Capture Rate
Implementation of Clinical and Outpatient Pharmacy Services in the Hospice Setting

Dao (Summer) Tran, PharmD (PhD)
Impact of Concurrent Antibiotic & Corticosteroid Us on Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

2011 - 2021


Bithia Anderson, PharmD (PhD)
Specialty DRUG and Drug-Related Products Management across the Pharmacy and Medical Benefit: Experience of a Self-Insured employer from 2006 to 2014

Arun Kumar, MS (PhD)
Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of P2Y12 Inhibitors in the Secondary Prophylaxis of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Jordan Mendkoff, PharmD (MS)
Refinement of a High Dose Biologic Evaluation Program at a Health System Specialty Pharmacy

Zachary Rivers, PharmD (PhD)
Opportunities for an Impact of Personalization of Colorectal Cancer Treatment in the Medicare Population

Mahsa Salsabili, PharmD (PhD)
Atrial Fibrillation Readmissions: Temporal Trends, Risk Factors and Data Driven Modeling

Tien Vo, MS (PhD)
Sleep Problems in Community-Dwelling Older Adults in the United States

Zhiying (Julie) Zhao, MPH (PhD)
Use of Glucose-Lowering Medication in Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes


Ryan Bortz, PharmD (MS)
Experiences of Transgender People Filling Prescriptions at Community Pharmacies

Kamla Ibrihim, BScPharm, MSc (PhD)
The Effect of Personality Temperaments on Medication Adherence in Chronic Disease Patients of Two Different Populations: The USA and the Sultanate of Oman

Anthony Olson, PharmD (PhD)
Patient-Centeredness in Pharmacist Practice: Filling a Foundation for What Counts to Patients

Joseph Steinle, PharmD (MS)

  1. The Impact of a Pharmacist Medication History in a Preoperative Assessment Center (PAC) Clinic Appointment
  2. Outpatient Pharmacy Automation: A Look into GSL Intellicab Will Call System Cost Savings Opportunities

David Vermeulen, PharmD (MS)

  1. Patient Satisfaction with Infusion Therapy Site for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  2. Old Technology with Profound Utility in Specialty Pharmacy


Alina Cernasev, PharmD, MS (PhD)
A Narrative Inquiry of Socio-cultural Influences on Antiretroviral Treatment and  Medication Experiences of African-born Persons Living with HIV in Minnesota

Prosperity Eneh, PharmD (MS)

  1. Students’ Perceptions of Global Health Competencies in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Curriculum
  2. Prevalence and Nature of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions among Hospitalized HIV Patients with Suspected Meningitis in Uganda

Basma Gomaa, DVM (PhD)
Leveraging Informatics to Understand Online Communication Patterns between Migraine Sufferers on Social Media

Bryan Haugen, PharmD (MS)

  1. Assessment and Identification of Opportunities to Improve Efficiencies in Pharmacy Workflows at an Academic Medical Center
  2. Health System Integration: Experience in Achieving an Integrated Pharmacy  Department Across Two Merging Health Systems

Emma Huepfel, PharmD (MS)

  1. A Transitions of Care Program with a Home Infusion Pharmacy to Improve Patient Outcomes
  2. Policy Strategies for the United States Insulin Market

Khashayar Memari, PharmD, MBA (PhD)
A Comparison of Generic and Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Measures in Hemophilia Patients:An Online Study

Rebecca  St. Germaine (PhD)
The Codification of the Cultural Health Belief Model Among the Southwestern Ojibwe


Jacob Hansen PharmD (Combined MS & Residency)

  1. The Impact of Limited Distribution Drugs on Patients within a Health System
  2. Effective Utilization of Rapid 3 Assessment with Rheumatoid Arthritis as an Approach to Impact Disease Activity and Adherence

Deborah Pestka PharmD (PhD)
Assessing the Components Needed To Support and Operate Comprehensive Medication Management in Primary Care Clinics

Sirikan Rojanasarot (PhD)
Asthma Health Outcomes Achieved Through A Clinic-Based Quality Improvement Program

Melissa Sanders PharmD (Combined MS & Residency)

  1. Implications for Integrated Health Systems
  2. Optimizing EPIC Entries through Analysis of Pharmacist Clinical Interventions


Miigis Gonzalez (PhD)
Exploring community and cultural opportunities to decrease substance abuse among American Indian youth: A photovoice project

Lucy Johnson (MS)

  1. “Group Purchasing of Pharmaceuticals Through a Prime Vendor”
  2. “How track-and-trace Regulations May Help Fill Gaps in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain”

Claire Kolar, PharmD (PhD)
Across the Patient Care Practitioner Threshold: Identifying Threshold Concepts and Evaluating the Teaching of the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process

Trung Nguyen (PhD)
Using Random Forest Model for Risk Prediction of Hospitalization and Rehospitalization Associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Jesse Peterson (Combined MS & Residency)
The Value of Therapy Management in a Health-System Owned Specialty Pharmacy


Benjamin Aronson (PhD)
Understanding Diabetes Self-Management Behaviors among American Indian Adult

Taeho Greg Rhee (PhD)
Three Essays on Potentially Inappropriate Antidepressant Use among Older Adults in Office-Based Outpatient Settings

Ruizhi Zhao (PhD)
Hospital  Inpatient  Cost and Discharge Status of Diabetes and its Complications in the U.S.

Timothy Cernohous (PhD)
A Grounded Theory Approach To Determining A Patient’s Decision To Use Medication Therapy Management Services (Decision Study)

Brett Benfield (Combined MS & Residency)

  1. “Outcomes of an Academic Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy in Comparison to National Specialty Pharmacies in Treatment of Hepatitis C with Harvoni”
  2. “High Reliability Organization (HROs) in Relation to the United States Health Care System and Pharmacy Practice”

Mallory Breuker Snyder (Combined MS & Residency)

  1. “Medial Cannabis”
  2. “340B Pharmaceutical Pricing Programs”


Megan Born (Combined MS & Residency)
Impact of Discharge Interventions at an Academic Medical Center

Margarette Kading (PhD)
Positive Mental Health: A Concept Mapping Exploration

Kristin Showen (Combined MS & Residency)
Impact of Insourcing all IV Sterile Compounding and Development of a Pharmacist Workload and Productivity Tool at a Large Academic Medical Center

Reid Smith (PhD)
Examining Risk Perception and its Influence on Treatment Adherence in Those with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Weiping Su (PhD)
The Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Design Changes on Medication Adherence and Generic Drug Utilization Among Commercially Insured Continuously Enrolled Patients with Chronic Diseases


Bernadette Aragon (Combined MS & Residency)
Pharmacy Practice in the Hospital Setting: Evaluating Pharmacist Documentation Practice, Implementation of a Collaborative Student Group into Healthcare for the Homeless

Margo Bowman (Combined MS & Residency)
Transitions of Care in the Inpatient Setting

Delford Doherty (PhD)
Medicare Low Income Subsidy: An Evaluation of Expenditures, Utilization and Health Care Outcomes

Brandon Ferlas (Combined MS & Residency)
Optimization of Carousel Dispensing Technology at a Large Academic Medical Center

Daniel Tomaszewski (PhD)
Using The Theory of Planned Behavior to Measure Pharmacists’ Engagement in Political Advocacy and Determine Factors Impacting Their Engagement


Christine Bartels (PhD)
Analysis of pharmacist clinical decision-making for medication therapy management in the ambulatory care setting

Jennell Bilek (PhD)
The Relationship Between Settlement Amounts Involving Off-Label Promotion and Drug Sales, January 2013

Yen-Wen (Cindy) Chen (PhD)
The Role of Bisphosphonates: Potential Novel Pharmaceutical Therapy for Reducing Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality

Erika Freitas (PhD)
“Why do I think the way I do? Troubling the concept of critical thinking in pharmacy classrooms”

Moustapha Omar (PhD)
Understanding the Meaning of the Medication Experience among Limited English Proficient (LEP) Oromo Patients in Minnesota

Taehwan Park (PhD)
Development of a medication-problem coping scale using item response theory

Elita Poplavska (PhD)
We get patients”: Understanding the culture of patient recruitment organizations

Gina Rozinka (Combined MS & Residency)
Applying the Principles of Project RED: Evaluation of an Enhanced Discharge Pilot on Readmission Rates in a General Medicine Service

Daniel Sepulveda (PhD)
Impact of Pharmacy Regulation and Payment on Generic Drug Use in the Medicaid Program:1991-2008

Ahmed Soliman (PhD)
Medication Therapy Management (MTM): A Tool for Optimizing Clinical and Economic Outcomes in the Management of Chronic Diseases

Madeline Wallack (PhD)
The 340B Drug Discount Program:  Enrollment and Participation among Critical Access Hospitals

Kimberly Zemke (PhD)
Determining the Elements of Sustainability In Academic Nursing Clinical Practices


Mateus Alves (PhD)
The Medication Experience of People Living with HIV: from the understanding of the meaning of medications to the development of a conceptual framework of medication experience

Bryan McCarthy (Combined MS & Residency)
Updated factors motivating pharmacy students to pursue residency and fellowship training

Zach Pollock (Combined MS & Residency)
Drug Shortages: Quantifying Their Impact on the Safety And Financial Resources of an Academic Health Center

Akeem Yusuf (PhD)
Sectoral and geographic mobility of the US pharmacist workforce: trends and determinants


Jose William Castellanos (PhD)
Characteristics of Latino Smokers in Different Stages of Change Living in Minnesota

Holly Epperly (PhD)
Medication Risk Management in High Risk Populations: An evaluation of cardiovascular risks associated with thiazolidinedione use in patient with chronic kidney disease

Ozlem Ersin (PhD)
Regulatory Risk Management over Nanotechnologies and Novel Materials with As-of-Yet Undetermined Health Risks

Tao Jin (PhD)
The Intention to Enroll in Medicare Part D: An Analysis in the Pre-Medicare Eligible Population

Victoria Losinski (PhD)
Educating for Action: Understanding the Development of Pharmaceutical Care Practitioners

Rachel Root (Combined MS & Residency)
Implementing a Pharmacist-Led Medication Management Pilot to Improve Care Transitions

Siting Zhou (PhD)
Chronic Medication Adherence: Its Association with Health Care

2000 - 2010


Chamika Hawkins-Taylor (PhD)
Targeted Drugs and Market Failure: The Case of BiDil

Jagannath Muzumdar (PhD)
Impact of Anthropomorphic Images and Narration Style in Promotional Messages Regarding Generic Prescription Drugs

Veena Rajanna (Combined MS & Residency)
Evaluation of Clinical Parameters and Resistance Patterns after Implementation of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program


Sue Haight (Combined MS & Residency)

Andrea Kjos (PhD)
The Role of Social Networks in Medication Information Seeking Behavior


Lindsey Kelley (Combined MS & Residency)
Jamie Sinclair (MS)
Yingli Yuan (PhD)


Joni Buffalohead (PhD)
Identifying the Medication-related needs of American Indian Elders living in the urban setting


Joshua Devine (PhD)
Migraine preventive therapy use and its influence on resource utilization in the military health system

Joel Farley (PhD)
An examination of unintended consequences and policy effectiveness in prescription prior authorization programs

Jenny Gordon (PhD)
Unveiling the culturally-based components of a pharmaceutical care educational program: An ethnographic study
Kiran Gupta (PhD)
Prescription drug insurance instability & its consequences

Lucy Liu(PhD)
Pharmaceutical expenditures as determinant of health outcomes in industrialized countries

Phantipa Sakthong(PhD)
Health-State Utilities and Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with HIV/AIDS in Thailand

Luz Dalia Sanchez (PhD)
Medication experiences in a Hispanic population living with HIV/AIDS

Dongmu Zhang (PhD)
Influence of prescription copayment on hypertensive patients' medication persistence


Vijj Kasemsup (PhD)
Health Care Decisions Under Budget Constraint in Thailand

John Reiling (PhD)
Designing a Patient Safe Hospital - A Case Study of Synergy Health St. Joseph's Hospital

Sarah Shoemaker (PhD)
Listening in the Shadows: Unveiling the Uninsured Individuals' Experience Living with Chronic Illnesses

Reshmi Singh (PhD)
Understanding experiences of college students receiving treatment for depression

Xin (Sam) Ye (PhD)
Utilization pattern of statins and impact of compliance on health and economic outcomes in coronary heart disease patients


Shuchita Agarwal (PhD)
Market Influences on Generic Drug Utilization: 1993 to 2001

Mary Indritz (PhD)
Back to the Future of Pharmacy


Lawrence Brown (PhD)
Quality assessment of a collaborative care practice between pharmacists and physicians in multiple ambulatory care clinics

Marcus Droege (PhD)
Instructional design of a web-enhanced educational program for teaching the practice of pharmaceutical care

Djenane Oliveira (PhD)
Researching humanness: an ethnographic study of pharmaceutical care practice

Richard Hansen (PhD)
The moral hazard of consumer promotion

Francis Lobo (PhD)
Assessment of channeling bias and its impact on interpretation of outcomes in observational studies: The case of the Cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2) specific inhibitors

Mark Siracuse (PhD)
Your pharmacy future factors influencing the career aspirations of pharmacy students

Charoen Treesak (PhD)
Mindfulness Meditation as a Health Behavior and its Relationship with Health-Related Quality of Life and Drug Use


Montarat Burusanont (PhD)
Understanding hormone replacement therapy use among Thai middle aged women

Deepa Rao (PhD)
Health and illness beliefs, health behavior and choice of medicine and its use among Asian Indian immigrants

Enrique Seoane-Vazquez (PhD)
Analysis of the patent life of new molecular entities approved by the FDA between 1980 and 2001


Marcia Worley-Louis (PhD)
Participative versus non-participative pharmacist-patient relationships: Examining the impact on patient outcomes

Puree Anantachoti (PhD)
Understanding dietary supplement use among Thai population


Margaret Artz (PhD)
The economic impact of outpatient prescription drug coverage for medicare beneficiaries in terms of total and specific health care expenditure and service use

Chularporn Limwattananon (PhD)
Cost effectiveness analysis of combined pancreas and kidney transplantation

Supon Limwattananon (PhD)
Impact of State Restrictions in Drug Reimbursement Policies on Medicaid Drug Expenditures

Joan Langlois (PhD)
Making sense: How male caregivers manage their female care recipients medication

Richard Parrish (PhD)
How Government Became the Arbiter of Pharmaceutical Fact

1990 - 1999


Pinyupa Plianbangchang (PhD)
Thai community pharmacists¿ prescribing behavior


Wen-Shyong Liou (PhD)
The cost sharing and demand for prescription medication in the elderly

Brenda Johnson (PhD)
Nurses use of an information system: A model explaining sociotechnical fit

Lerkiatbundit, Sanguan (PhD)
Thesis Title and Year: Structural equation models of burnout in pharmacists


Ginger Scott (PhD)
The Relationship of Competitive Strategies and Drug Prices Among Hospital Pharmacies


Azra Sayeed (PhD)
The impact of general agreement on tariffs and trade on the pharmaceutical sector in the third world

Mike DeYoung (PhD)
An inquiry into pharmacists¿ views on patient communication: An ethnographic approach

Deb Norman (PhD)
Perceptions of the elderly regarding the medicating experience: A discourse analysis of the interpretation of medication usage.


Joel M. Albers (PhD)
Effect of Pharmacist Dietary Advice on Pharmacy Patron Selection of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the Supermarket-Pharmacy

Grace D. Lamsam (PhD)
Factors Affecting Immunization Rates of Inner City Preschool Children

Rodney Alan Larson (PhD)
The Development of an Ethical Foundation for Pharmaceutical Care

Dong-Churl Suh (PhD)
Effect of Multiple Source Entry on Price Competition After Patent Expiration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Ngoyi Bukonda (PhD)
Commitment to the Primary Health Care Strategy and Diffusion of Essential Drugs in post-colonial Africa


Seong Sun Hong (PhD)
An Examination of the Phenomenological and Interpretative Framework of Patients' Health Measures in a Syncretic Health Care Setting: The Case of Korean Americans

Kristin K. Janke (PhD)
Contract Learning: An Instructional Method for Educational Care in a Pharmacy Communications Course


Robert C. Nelson (PhD)
Psychotherapeutic Drugs, Mental Disorders and Automobile Crashes: A Case Study of 1308


Susan Lee Harms (PhD)
Psychosocial Correlates of Active Medication Information-Seeking Behavior: A Study of Three Types of Pharmacies

Li-Chiun Daphne Hsiao (PhD)


Nadine Carol Butler (PhD)
An Investigation of Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising in Terms of the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis

Angeline Marie Carlson (PhD)
The Influence of Occupational Inheritance on the Orientation of Minnesota Pharmacists to the Professional/Business Dichotomy

David Maxwell Collins (PhD)
An Investigation of Role Associated Social Desirability Bias in Mail Survey

David Feinwachs (PhD)
Empirically Assessing the Quality of Health Care: The Correlation of Patient Perceptions and Medical Outcomes

Margaret Teresa Kelly (PhD)
A Comparison of Pharmacies in Hospitals Owned by Non-Profit and For-Profit Multihospital Systems

Barbara Clark Reynolds (PhD)
An Investigation of the Relationship Among Psychological Types and Health Service Team Members' Evaluations of Themselves, Their Teams, and Teammates

Hezekiah Michael Thuo (PhD)
Pharmacy Technician Competency: A Comparative Evaluation of Formally Trained and On-the-Job Trained Pharmacy Technicians in Minnesota

1980 - 1989


Raquel Rodriguez (PhD)
The Impact of Touching Behavior on the Pharmacist-Patient Relationship

Raafat Abdel-A Seifeldin (PhD)
Cost and Effectiveness Analysis of Immunosuppressive Drug Regimens in Renal Transplant


Jama Awaleh Gulaid (PhD)
Factors Affecting Safety Cap Use in Households with Young Children

Allan Neil Johnson (PhD)
The Relationship Between Volume, Quality, and Outcome in Hospital Care Delivery

Samuel Gershon Oberstein (PhD)
Multiple Employer Trusts in Health Insurance: An Empirical Evaluation

Joaquima Serradell (PhD)
Patient Participation in Therapeutic Decision-Making

Wenchen Wu (PhD)
Impact of Regulatory Control on the Pharmaceutical Industry


Darrel Curtis Bjornson (PhD)
The Impact of a Drug Utilization Review Program as a Change Agent on Physician Prescribing Behavior Following the Published Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial

Nancy Anne Nickman (PhD)
An Evaluation of Physician Attitudes and Beliefs: Desi and Non-Desi Cough and Cold Products

Sharon Judith Rolnick (PhD)
An Investigation of Factors Associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases in University Women and the Usefulness of Different Methodological Designs when Collecting Information on Personal Behaviors

David Michael Scott (PhD)
Impact of a Respiratory Illness Chart (Algorithm) on Family Self-Care Practices

Nopdol Thongnopnua (PhD)
A Comparative Study of the Organization and Performance of Hospital Pharmacy Departments


Nicholas Michael Bartone (PhD)
The Effect of Self-regulation on the Ethical Conduct of TV Drug Advertising - 1973 to 1983


Brian Isetts (PhD)
A Delphic Probe of Pharmacy Decision-Makers

Ralph Ferdinand Kalies (PhD)
Quality and Efficiency in Drug Regimen Review Contrasting Systematic and Traditional Approaches

Lucinda L. Maine (PhD)
Medication Information Seeking by Noninstitutionalized Older Adults As a Function of Health Locus of Control

Merrikay Adelle Oleen (PhD)
A Historical Cohort Study of Electrophysiologic Testing and the Selection of Long-Term Antiarrhythmic Therapy

Leonard Nathan Rosenberg (PhD)
A Case Control Investigation of the Association Between Drug Treatment Patterns and Diabetic Ketoacidosis


Bernard A. Sorofman (PhD)
The Effect of Acculturation on Medical Self-Care Practices

Richard N. Spivey (PhD)
The Relationship of Locus of Control and Reinforcement Value Within Two Health Education Methods

Linda Mae Strand (PhD)
Evaluation of the Drug Selection Process in the Treatment of Essential Hypertension

Julie Magno Zito (PhD)
Clinical Characteristics of Psychotic Patients Who Refuse Antipsychotic Drug Therapy


Ahmad Fuad Afdhal (PhD)
Patterns of Innovative Behavior of Community Pharmacists

Jack Edwin Fincham (PhD)
Social Psychological Correlates and Determinants of the Initial Drug Therapy Default

Ruth Dennis Lindquist (PhD)
Perceived Control to Reduce Patient Stress in Acute Care

Ewa Ozarowska Peczalska (PhD)
Analysis of the Impact of Health Motivations and Beliefs on Self-Medication Behavior

Thomas Scott Rector (PhD)
An Epidemiological Evaluation of the Potential Association Between Central Nervous System Depressants and Nocturnal Death in the Elderly

Lyle Douglas Ried (PhD)
Year of School Transition and Its Effects on Students

Norrie Angel Wilkins (PhD)
A Computerized Drug Utilization Review Project: Test of Two Feedback Methods


Abraham G. Hartzema (PhD)
The Impact of Selected Illness Behaviors in Seeking Professional Care

Eucharia E. Nnadi (PhD)
Drug Taking Behavior as a Result of Health Care Seeking Behavior in Nigeria. An Inter-Tribal Perspective

Daniel Kevin Zismer (PhD)
A Value-Expectancy Explanation of the Psychological Conversion in Alcohol Treatment


Charles E. Daniels (PhD)
Individual Attitude Toward Innovation and the Organizational Decision to Adopt Innovative Pharmacy Services

Peter DeWitt Hurd (PhD)
The Role of a Self-Service Attribution Bias in Health-Related

Michael Edward Montagne (PhD)
The Nature and Meaning of Drug-Testing Experiences


David James McLean (PhD)
Cost of Treatment Patterns Within a Multispecialty Group Practice

1970 - 1979


Weng-Foung Huang (PhD)
A Study of Ethnicity and Nonprescribed Medicine Consumption

Randall L. Lambert (PhD)
Nonprescription Drug Users' Knowledge of Agents Used in Medically Unsupervised Therapy

William F. McGhan (PhD)
Pharmacist-Conducted Reviews of Drug Therapy in Nursing Homes: An Analysis with Medicaid Data

Michael Ira Smith (PhD)
An Examination of the Lay Referral System as Applied to the Perceptions of Quality of Pharmaceutical Services

Andreas Steve Stergachis (PhD)
Evaluation of a Diagnosis-Linked Drug Screening Mechanism for Drug Utilization Review


Jesse Lyle Bootman (PhD)
The Application of Clinical Pharmacokinetic Principles: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Patricia L. Jahns Bush (PhD)
Evaluation of a Drug Therapy Protocol in a Health Maintenance Organization

Paul G. Grussing (PhD)
Development and Validation of Measures for the Assessment of Competency in Pharmacy Practice


James C. Anthony (PhD)
The Impact of Drug Scheduling: An Assessment of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970

Robert S. Beardsley (PhD)
Evaluation of a Patient Drug Self Administration Program

Dale B.Christensen (PhD)
A Study of Physician Drug Prescribing Adoption and Discontinuation Behaviors

Fredrick R. Curtiss (PhD)
Thesis Title and Year: A Study of Role Stress and Psychological Strain among Young Practicing Pharmacists

Richard J. Hammel  (PhD)
The Relationship of Academic Professionalization and the Work Environment and Its Effect on the Pharmacist's Job and Life Satisfaction

Ronald E. Larson (PhD)
The Use of Drugs as a Treatment Modality in Chiropractic

Rachel F. Oyegbile (PhD)
Analysis of the Use and Potential Use of the Pharmacists in Preventive Health Services

Stephen J. Sweeney (PhD)
Drug Reclassification: Past, Present, and Future


Richard J. Bertin (PhD)
Evaluation of a Cost Containment Role for Pharmacists: An Examination of the Pharmacist's Role in the Control of Institutional Drug Costs Through Provision of Comparative Cost Data to Prescribers in the Clinical Setting

Marcellus Grace (PhD)
Pharmacist Improvement of Patient Compliance


Ponpun Amarinthukrowh (PhD)
The Community Pharmacy--Quantitative Study of its Image and Consumer Selection Process

Jesse E. Stewart (PhD)
A Manual Drug Utilization Review System for Skilled Nursing Facilities


Henri R. Manasse Jr. (PhD)
The Stages and and Process of Socialization in the Profession of Pharmacy