Medicinal Chemistry PhD Graduate Program


Our Medicinal Chemistry graduate program is one of the top-rated in the United States.  We have a diverse group of faculty members, graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows working at the interface of chemistry and biology.

Some areas of research interest in our Department include antiviral and anticancer drug design, cancer chemoprevention, chemical biology, chemical carcinogenesis, drug metabolism, gene therapy, molecular recognition, natural products chemistry, neuroscience, peptidomimetics, receptor modeling, and NMR and X-ray crystallography.

The Department is part of the College of Pharmacy and Academic Health Center, which house nationally and internationally acclaimed programs in the areas of biochemistry, neuroscience, pharmacology, virology, immunology, cancer biology, structural biology, and drug delivery. The research laboratories for our Department are located in Weaver-Densford Hall, the 717 Delaware St building, and the Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building in the Biomedical Discovery District.  Our Department is also the shared home to the editorial office of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Our graduate students receive a diverse educational experience in chemistry and biology that prepares them for the evolving multidisciplinary research of the pharmaceutical industry and academic biomedical arena. A list of recent doctoral degrees conferred by our Department can be found here.

Recruitment Weekends

Prospective graduate students will be invited to attend our Recruitment Weekend as an opportunity to interact with faculty and current students, tour facilities, the campus, and the Twin Cities.

Director of Graduate Studies

Graduate Program Coordinator