Dr. Changquan Sun No. 1 in ScholarGPS Global Rankings in Pharmacy

December 12, 2023

Calvin Sun

Dr. Changquan “Calvin” Sun has achieved the ScholarGPS Number 1 ranking in Pharmacy among all academic scholars in the United States. ScholarGPS is an analytics site which tracks and ranks scholars and institutions worldwide, using standard metrics of research productivity and impact, among other factors.

ScholarGPS “includes all relevant details of over 150 million archival publications including books, book chapters, journals, conference papers and patents with over two billion citations and references.” Ranking data was compiled over the last five years for distinction.

“We are extremely proud to have Professor Sun on our faculty,” said Dr. Ron Siegel, professor and head of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmaceutics. “His efforts to develop new and more efficient ways to make tablets and other pharmaceutical dosage forms have profound impact on health care in the U.S. and world wide.”

Sun, a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, counts formulation, solid-state chemistry, powder technology, crystal engineering, and materials science and engineering among his areas of expertise. 

“Being bestowed with this honor is an incredibly humbling and motivating experience, said Sun. “This achievement is a testament of the collective efforts of numerous talented individuals – students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and collaborators – with whom I have had the privilege of working. Knowing that our endeavors are making an impact instills a sense of gratification. It encourages us to persist in our pursuit of innovative solutions, through the lens of materials science and engineering, to address the challenges that the industry faces.” 

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