Congratulations Dr. Reena Kartha

July 5, 2023

Reena Kartha

Dr. Reena Kartha, is promoted to associate professor (term) in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology. Her expertise in translational research exploring the roles of therapeutic agents which modulate oxidative stress and inflammation, represents important work to advance therapies to treat select rare diseases. Her scholarly achievements include over 35 refereed research publications, many as senior or corresponding author in high-impact journals and receipt of national grants from NIH and other sources that fuel new discoveries in her field. Dr. Kartha’s teaching contributions are significant at each of the undergraduate, professional, and graduate levels of instruction- noting her recognition as an “outstanding junior mentor award from the CTSI in 2017” and offering of a “Grand Challenge Honors Course on Rare Diseases”. Her recognition on a national and international basis continues to grow as is evident from her invited speaking engagements as well as her service commitments to both the field of rare diseases and leadership in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at the College of Pharmacy and beyond.

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