Pharmaceutics seminars are open to the public and offered weekly during the academic year.

Tuesdays 3:00 to 4:00 PM CDT, Moos 5-125 or Remote/Online
Email to request a Zoom link

September 7

Welcome to the Department of Pharmaceutics and Introduction to the Seminar Series
Ronald Siegel, ScD, Professor & Interim Department Head
Changquan Calvin Sun, PhD, Professor & Associate Department Head

September 14

Research Ethics and Cultural Values
Ronald Siegel, ScD, Professor & Interim Department Head
Carolyn Fairbanks
, PhD, Professor & Associate Director for Research and Graduate Education

September 21

Lab and COVID-19 Safety
Rebecca Cuellar, PhD, College Safety Officer & Research Projects Specialist
Jodi Ogilvie, PhD, Research Safety Manager & Chemical Hygiene Officer
Nancy Rolstad, MS, RBP, Biosafety Specialist

September 28

CNS Delivery of Epigenetic Modifier Inhibitors for Pediatric Brain Tumors
Wenqiu Zhang
, Graduate Student, Elmquist Lab

October 5

Establishing ADME Properties and the Impact on Neuroplasticity of Novel Chronic Pain Therapeutics
Ben Clements, Graduate Student, Fairbanks Lab

October 12

Improving the Nanomaterial Delivery and Therapeutic Efficacy by Using Cell-Penetrating Peptides in the Bystander Manner 
Yuexuan Li, Graduate Student, Pang Lab

October 19

No Seminar - AAPS Annual Meeting

October 26

Structural Origin of Mechanical Properties and Tableting Behaviors of Elastically Bending Pharmaceutical Crystals
Gerrit Vreeman, Graduate Student, Sun Lab

November 2

Facilitating Intracellular Therapeutic Delivery in Cancer Cells Using Anti-HSPG2 Antibody
Zekun Shao
, Graduate Student, Panyam Lab

November 9

The Effect of BCD Content and Cross-Link Density of Hydrogel Microspheres on the Loading and Release of Hydrophobic Drugs
Joel Updyke, Graduate Student, Panyam & Siegel Labs

November 16

Critical Cooling Rate During Hot-Melt Extrusion Processing of Amorphous Solid Dispersions
Rahul Lalge, Graduate Student, Sury Lab

November 23

Mechanism of Punch Sticking Investigated by SEM-EDX
Chamara Gunawardana
, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate, Sun Lab

November 30

Product Development Using Continuous Manufacturing Based on Continuous Wet Granulation on an Integrated Continuous Tableting Line
Sayantan Chattoraj, PhD, GSK Fellow, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals [2012 Pharmaceutics Alum]

December 7

Age-Dependent Changes in the Plasma and Brain Pharmacokinetics of Amyloid Beta Peptides and Insulin
Andrew Zhou, Graduate Student, Kandimalla Lab

December 14

CNS Delivery of ATM/ATR DNA Damage Response Inhibitors for Brain Tumors
Sneha Rathi, Graduate Student, Elmquist Lab