Pharmaceutics seminars are open to the public and offered weekly during the academic year.

Tuesdays 3:00 to 4:00 PM CDT, NHH 2-101 or Remote/Online
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January 18

Investigating the NMDA Receptor Neuropharmacology Using the Calcium Imaging Technique in Mouse Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn
Tongzhen Xie, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Fairbanks Lab

January 25

Evaluating the CNS Delivery of p53/MDM2 Pathway Inhibitors for the Treatment of Brain Tumors
Wenjuan Zhang, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Elmquist Lab

February 1

Role of pH and Arginine Salts in Preventing Freezing-Induced Protein Aggregation
Bhushan Munjal, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate, Sury Lab

February 8

No Seminar - College of Pharmacy Research Day 2022

February 15

Anomalous A Trafficking Kinetics at the BBB Endothelium Triggers Cerebrovascular Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease
Zengtao Wang, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Kandimalla Lab

February 22

The Stability Implications of Developing a Carrier-Based Platform Technology for Oral Protein Delivery 
Joan Cheng, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Sun Lab

March 1

Crystallization Propensity of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals: Kinetics and Thermodynamics
NS Krishna Kumar, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate, Sury Lab

March 8

No Seminar - Spring Break

March 15

Understanding Polymorph Transitions for Low Dimensional Pharmaceuticals and Dynamic Electronics
Ying Diao
, PhD, Associate Professor, IC Gunsalus Scholar, Dow Chemical Company Faculty Scholar, Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professor (LEAP) Scholar, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Affiliate), Beckman Institute, Molecular Science and Engineering, Materials Research Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

March 22

Amyloid Beta Peptides and Endothelial Insulin Resistance Inhibit Glucose Transport at the Blood-Brain Barrier in Alzheimer's Disease
Lushan Wang, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Kandimalla Lab

March 29

Peptide-Guided Delivery Improves Therapeutic Efficacy and Safety of Glucocorticoid Drugs for Acute Lung Injury
Hong Guo, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate, Pang Lab

Extracellular Vesicles Mediate the Intercellular Exchange of Nanoparticles
Xian Wu, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate, Pang Lab

April 5

Ertugliflozin (SteglatroTM): A Drug Product Development Story from Discovery to Commercialization
Kapil Arora
, PhD, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer

April 12

Stabilization Effect of Surfactants in Frozen and Freeze-Dried Protein Formulations
Jinghan Li, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Sury Lab

Impact of Preparation Routes on API Properties
Zijian Wang, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Sun Lab

April 19

TNF Alpha Modulates the Transport of Amyloid Beta Protein at the Blood Brain Barrier and Aggravates Cerebrovascular Inflammation in Alzheimer's Disease
Vrishali Salian, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Kandimalla Lab

Theory Guided Miscibility Determination of Amorphous Solid Dispersions by Rheological Analysis
Sichen Song, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Siegel Lab

April 26

Differential Gene Expression of Human Brain Endothelial Cells Compared to Endothelial Cells Co-Cultured with Brain Pericytes
Doug Nelson, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Kandimalla Lab

Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Solids
Vikram Chandrashekhar Joshi, Pharmaceutics Graduate Student, Sun Lab