Pharmaceutics seminars are open to the public and offered weekly during the academic year.

Tuesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Moos Tower, Room 5-125

January 16

Purchasing Overview
Amanda Hokanson, Executive Office and Administrative Specialist

Introduction to the Pang Lab
Hongbo Pang, PhD, Assistant Professor

January 23

Novel Treatment Strategies for Brain Metastases of Breast Cancer
Afroz Mohammad, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate

January 30

Turning Off the Motors: Microtubule Targeting Agents for the Treatment of Brain Tumors
Gautham Gampa, Graduate Student

February 6

Conflict Competency and Negotiation
Bruce Grosland, Interim Director, Office for Conflict Resolution

February 13

Effects of Plasticizers on the Molecular Mobility of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals
Kweku Konadu Amponsah-Efah, Graduate Student

February 20

HSPG2 as a Novel Target in Metastatic Cancers
Vidhi Khanna, Graduate Student

February 27

Brain Delivery of Apolipoprotein A1 to Treat Cerebrovascular Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease
Andrew Zhou, Graduate Student

March 6

In Silico Prediction of Mechanic Properties from Crystal Structure
Ling Zhu, Graduate Student

March 13

Spring Break (No Seminar)

March 20

The Application of Ph-Responsive Electrospun Fibers in Colon-Targeted Drug Delivery System
Wenqiu Zhang, Graduate Student

March 27

Influence of Drug Distribution in the Brain on the Efficacy and Toxicity of Radiosensitizers
Surabhi Talele, Graduate Student

April 3

Targeted Delivery of Drugs to Vascular Endothelium
Vladimir R. Muzykantov, MD, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, Perelman School of Medinicine, University of Pennsylvania

April 10

Product Development in Biotechnology - Case Study
Parag Kolhe, PhD, Group Leader - Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer

April 17

Therapeutics for Maladaptive Nueroplasticity
Ben Clements, Graduate Student

April 24

Artificial Gut Simulator for Simultaneous Evaluation of Dissolution and Absorption of Super-Saturating Drug Formulations
Krutika Harish Jain, Graduate Student

May 1

Glycoengineered Antibody for Click Chemistry Applications
Drishti Sehgal, Graduate Student

May 8

Impact of Lattice Disorder on the Water-Mediated Dissociation of Cocrystals
Navpreet Kaur, Graduate Student

May 15

Role of SRC Signaling in Resistance to Targeted Therapy
Jessica Griffith, Graduate Student