Research Projects

There is an urgent need for research into the mechanisms underlying cognition and for the development of strategies that predict the drug responses of individual patients.

Drug Effects on Cognition

Chart describing drug effects on consignation. Described under the heading Description of Drug Effects on Cognition

Description of Drug Effects on Cognition

Graphic showing drug effects on cognition in three main sections that connect together. The first section is Cognitive Assessment of Drug Effect, which connects to SALSA, Neuro-psych, and Self-report. SALSA and Neuro-psych are also connected. The second section is PK/PD (Pharmacometrics), which connects to Drug Disposition. Then, Drug Disposition connects to PD Metabolism and Analytical. The third section is CNS Drug Effect, which connects to EEG, and also connects with dotted lines to MRS and fMRI/PET.

Cognitive effects of IR vs XR Topiramate (Trokendi® XR) in Patients with Migraine

The primary objective is to compare the effect of treatment with an immediate-release topiramate to an extended-release topiramate (i.e., Trokendi XR®) regimen on cognition in patients with migraine

2017-2019 Supernus. PIs: Susan Marino/Angela Birnbaum.

Comparison of the Cognitive and Motor Effects of Treatment Between an Immediate-and Extended-Release Tacrolimus (Envarsus® XR) Based ImmunosuppressionRegimen in Kidney Transplant Recipients

The objective is to compare the effect of treatment with an immediate-release tacrolimus (i.e.,Prograf®) to an extended-release tacrolimus-based (i.e., Envarsus® XR) immunosuppressive regimen on cognitive and motor function in kidney transplant recipients.

2017-2019 Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.
PI: Susan Marino.

Pharmacokinetic and Cognitive Side Effects of Cannabidiol in Adult Patients

The goal of this project is to provide preliminary pharmacokinetic data to inform future studies on the safety and efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of intractable epilepsy.  This project will use purified CBD produced according to Minnesota standards to obtain preliminary data on CBD pharmacokinetics including quantification of the effect of food, drug-drug interactions, and the manner in which CBD affects neuropsychological performance in adult patients with intractable epilepsy. 

2016-2018 Epilepsy Foundation.  PIs: Angela Birnbaum/Susan Marino

Characterizing and Predicting Drug Effect on Cognition

The objective of this proposal is to elucidate the relationship among TPM exposure as measured by plasma drug levels, its neurophysiological effects, and consequent effect on cognition and linguistic behavior.

2012-2018 NH/NINDS R01NS076665
PI: Susan Marino

Maternal Outcomes and Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs

The proposed studies study several populations of women with and without epilepsy in order to compare the effect of antiepileptic drug exposure on the woman and child during pregnancy.  This is a multi clinical site proposal involving approximately 20 sites across the US. This is the clinical grant for MONEAD.

2012-2018 (MONEAD) (U01 NS038455-11A1)
PIs: Kimford Meador, Page Pennell, 2U01 NS050659-06A1 PI: Nancy Browning NINDS/NICHD - $13,105,969 Pharmacokinetics Core Director/U of MN PI: Angela Birnbaum,

Vaccines for Prescription Opioid and Heroin Abuse

The purpose of this proposal is to work toward submission of an IND toward a commercial vaccine product. Dr. Birnbaum's laboratory is involved in measurement of pharmacokinetic samples in this study and as the pharmacological core.

PI: Paul Pentel

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Grant

PI: Angela Birnbaum

Cognitive Effects of Vinpocetine in Healthy Adults & Epilepsy Patients: Assay Validation

2014-2016 Stanford University
PI: Susan Marino

Cognitive and Motor Effects of Treatment with a Calcineurin Inhibitor (Tacrolimus) versus Belatacept in Kidney Transplant Patients

2013-2015 Bristol Myers Squibb
PI: Marino

Longitudinal Analysis of Spoken Language Characteristics in the Nun Study

2013-2014 (NIH/NIA R03 AG045476)
Co-PI: Serguei Pakhomov

Professional Fighters Brain Health Study

2012-2014 (Center for Brain Health/Cleveland Clinic)
PI: Susan Marino

Automated Semantic Indices for Early Detection of Cognitive Changes

2012-2014 (Alzheimer’s Association DNCFI-12-242985)
PI: Serguei Pakhomov