Medicinal Chemistry Holds 2nd Annual DEI Potluck

June 13, 2023

Med Chem at their DEI Potluck

The Department of Medicinal Chemistry held our 2nd Annual DEI Potluck at Como Park in St. Paul over Memorial Day weekend!

Students, faculty, staff, and guests came together to share home-cooked dishes with one another and enjoy a picture-perfect afternoon in the park.

We had a culturally and linguistically diverse playlist to match the fantastic food. Some folks soaked up the sun and played games, while others relaxed in the pavilion with friends. A world map on display invited attendees to mark their home with a pin - this sparked some great conversations!

A special thanks to PhD students Freddys Rodriguez and Jigar P. Sethiya, who were the student organizers for the event supported by DEI Taskforce lead Dr. Adam Duerfeldt.

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