STEAM Team Continues Its Work

June 8, 2023

The Steam Team in a group photo

For the past two years, graduate students from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry have been mentoring students at Thomas Edison High School in Northeast Minneapolis on all things science as part of the STEAM Team. Our STEAM Team students meet regularly with TEHS students to advise them on their science projects and cultivate an interest in chemistry.

Yesterday, this outreach and mentorship culminated in a poster session where TEHS students were able to present their science experiments to students and faculty from our department. We were thrilled to see the students come out of their shells when presenting and talking with us about what they learned from their experiments!

PhD student Caitlin Lichtenfels was the driving force behind this program, and we are proud of all of her dedication and hard work. The Department or Medicinal Chemistry is committed to making an impact on our local community, and opportunities like this also allow us to inspire the next generation of great scientists!

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