PhD Candidate Caitlin Lichtenfels Named ACS Leader in DEIR

September 11, 2023

Caitlin Lichtenfels

The Department of Medicinal Chemistry is proud to announce that PhD candidate Caitlin Lichtenfels was named a Leader in the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Caitlin is a third-year student in Dr. Carston Wagner’s lab.

Caitlin’s commendation is part of the ACS Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Recognition Program and highlights outstanding efforts that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect in our department. You can read more about the program and other recipients here on the ACS website.

During her time in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Caitlin has had a massive impact on our efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion on the department level. She created and organized the STEAM Team, an outreach group consisting of Medicinal Chemistry PhD students that mentors local underrepresented high school students in chemistry and seeks to engender both interest in the sciences and overall academic success.

The department is working closely with Caitlin to integrate the STEAM TEAM into its purview more formally so that it can continue to operate after she graduates. We are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in tangible ways and see this as an opportunity to sustain a proven initiative that does just that.

“I am proud to receive this award from ACS, but I am most proud of the program itself,” Caitlin shared. “The award, although very appreciated, was never the intention behind establishing the STEAM TEAM. The goal was and always will be having an impact on the local community and fostering interest in the sciences.” 

Congratulations, Caitlin, on being recognized for your hard work and accomplishments. We are proud to have you as a member of our academic community and know your future will be full of great achievements in both chemistry and social justice.

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