Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jean Moon & Dr. Jody Lounsbery

May 18, 2021

Dr. Jean Moon and Dr. Jody Lounsbery

Broadway Family Medicine Clinic was named a 2020 MPhysicians Clinical Training Site of Excellence through the Office of Academic Clinical Affairs and is based on nominations from University faculty and program directors that exemplified notable qualities in their partnership.

Why is this award meaningful, especially during this challenging year?

Jean: Receiving this recognition for our clinic is an honor as we try our very best to provide quality patient care and education every day. Our patients, community, and clinic have experienced so much this year, so this award is a great recognition of the whole team.

Jody: It has been a challenging year for our program and for our community for many reasons. We are committed to do the best for our patients, our learners, and one another. I think this award shows Broadway's adaptability and resilience.

Can you describe what is special about Broadway clinic and what it is like to be a member of the team?

Jean: What I believe makes Broadway Clinic special is that we are a family. This year we had to lean into perseverance, grit, hope, kindness, and one another and I can't imagine anywhere else I would rather be providing patient care.

Jody: At Broadway, we truly are a team - all the providers, staff, and patients. The people make Broadway special. We have an incredible interprofessional team of providers and staff, who care about serving our patients and community.

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