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Pharmacogenomics aims at understanding how variations in the human genome affect the response to medications.

No drug is safe and effective in the same way in everyone. Pharmacogenomics is being used to learn ahead of time what the best drug or the best dose of a drug will be for a person.


The Institute of Personalized Medicine (IPM) brings together investigators from different disciplines to study how genetics and environment affect a patient’s response to medications with goals to:

  • Generate new knowledge and tools and to advance and implement personalized medicine into clinical practice
  • Bridge the gap between genomic/ pharmacogenomic research and maximize their clinical application.
  • Initiate collaborations to integrate and apply pharmacogenomic principles and approaches in studies across University
  • Establish and support a nationally recognized pharmacogenomics program that incorporates both translational/clinical services and training of healthcare professionals


Our mission is to use pharmacogenomic and genomic principles for the advancement of precision medicine to achieve the maximum benefit of medications for patients with a wide range of diseases.


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To become an internationally recognized group in pharmacogenomics and be on the forefront of the use of personalized medicine for improving patient care in the clinical setting.