Global Pharmacy Engagement

GlobeThe University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy strives to promote international exchange of faculty and students and collaborative activities for the purpose of advancing research and education.  

At any given time, the College of Pharmacy has students, faculty and staff that are involved with varying degrees of global health outreach, research or practice development activities. Every single learner can benefit from global experiences that add to public good here in Minnesota and beyond. Learn more about how to stay connected!

Global Engagement Opportunities

PD1-PD3 Pharmacy and AHC Wide Elective Courses

Community Health History in Italy

Through this UMD study abroad course, pharmacy students explore historical and cultural venues in Italy and their relationship to health. This includes comparing and contrasting the role of the arts in pharmacy, analyzing the impact of social and cultural factors on community health, analyzing the causes of the black plague in Italy, the principles of epidemiology & quarantine, and evaluating their study abroad experience in Italy from an academic and personal growth perspective.

Global Health in a Local Context

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility, in partnership with SocMed, is pleased to again offer Global Health in a Local Context: An Experiential Course on the Social Determinants, Community Engagement, and Social Action in Minnesota.

India: Global Health, Globalization and Leadership Course

This is a global health & leadership inter-professional learning experience in Myrose, India happening between December and January. In this three-week experience students will learn about health in the Indian context, including methods of healthcare delivery, public health infrastructure, and the influence of social determinants. This program is offered through the AHC Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility in partnership with SVYM, an NGO that has been engaged in southern India.

Medical Education through Diversity and Service (MEDS)

This course, co-directed by Pharmacy faculty, is an interprofessional global health course with pharmacy and medical students on the Duluth Campus. 

Portugal: A Study and Comparison Class

Students in this course visit and meet with a wide variety of government, regulatory, pharmacy organizations and independent pharmacies both in Minnesota and for two weeks in Portugal. Students learn about differences in health care systems, regulations, and advancing pharmacy practice to improve patient care.

PD4 International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

pharmacy students in germanyGermany APPE

Designed for students to learn about pharmacy practice and patient care in a different culture. Students look at national health policies in the U.S. and are able to compare them to systems in place in Germany.

APPE in UgandaResearch Elective APPE in Kampala, Uganda

This is a 5-week international APPE research elective that promotes student understanding of pharmacy's role in international research. It highlights the interconnection between research and clinical pharmacy practice in resource limited settings.

Tanzania APPETanzania Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

The Tanzania APPE rotation addresses humanitarian work and public health in the developing world. Students participate in rounds on a general ward, work with physicians in an outpatient clinic and travel with a mobile HIV outreach clinic. They study the scope of pharmacy services including education, pharmacy practice in clinical settings, inventory management and procurement, and the manufacture and distribution of drugs within the country.

Student Led Service Trips

Care for HaitiCARE for Haiti

The CARE (Clinics And Relief Efforts) for Haiti is a student led service trip to provide sustainable health care in southeast Haiti by educating the community, improving hygiene, providing immunizations, and working towards building a permanent clinic in a rural community in Chabin, Haiti. CARE for Haiti is composed of a group of pharmacy students working with other health care professionals, Haitian health officials, and local community leaders to create culturally sensitive, patient centered, health care interventions.

Guatemala mission Culturally Sensitive Care In Rural Guatemala

Over winter break, students complete a medical campaign in rural communities of Antigua, Guatemala. During the weeklong campaign, the students work alongside a Guatemalan physician and a field manager to provide pop-up clinics in underserved areas.

Other International Collaborations

flag_of_chinaChina Consortium
The University of Minnesota College of pharmacy in collaboration with Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and and Michigan State University College of Pharmacy are in agreement with five pharmacy schools in China including  China Pharmaceutical University, Fudan University, Peking University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Sichuan University to facilitate academic cooperation, and promote mutual understanding, for the purpose of establishing and supporting a program to educate the next generation of leaders in clinical pharmacy in China. Highly qualified students from these Chinese Schools rotate through the three US institutions to complete a Doctor of Pharmacy program and return to China to lead practice development.
flag_of_thailandThailand Consortium 

The US-Thai Consortium for the Development of Pharmacy Education was founded in May 1994 with  nine schools of pharmacy from the United States, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), eight schools of pharmacy in Thailand and the Committee for Pharmacy Manpower Development of the Thailand Ministry of University Affairs. More recently there are now 18 Thai and 16 US schools of pharmacy in the consortium. Annual conference offers the ​opportunity for faculty, staff, and students from schools of pharmacy across the United States and Thailand to reflect on Consortium’s past achievements and plan future initiatives

Global Health Resources

Participating students must:

Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility

The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility serves as the primary contact for partnerships and collaborations across the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center to create a global portfolio of research, education, and engagement.

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance is the central international office for the U of M system that is the driving force for the University of Minnesota in globalizing teaching, learning, research, and engagement.

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

The International Pharmaceutical Federation is the global federation representing three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide by providing support for the development of the pharmacy profession, through practice and emerging scientific innovations, in order to meet the world’s health care needs and expectations.

The International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF)

The International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation is the leading international advocacy organization for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students to promote improved public health through the provision of information, education, and networking opportunities as well as a range of publications and professional activities.

Walter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowships

The Walter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowships are designed to support the continued internationalization of the University of Minnesota by providing critical assistance to students enrolled in master’s and professional degree programs, and to increase opportunities for students to study, undertake internships, and conduct research projects abroad.


Henning Schroeder





Henning Schroeder, PhD
Director of International Programs and Professor

Department of Pharmaceutics
Dr. Schroeder’s research focuses on the regulation of antioxidant proteins and their potential role as therapeutic targets in atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disorders.