Pharmacy Practice

Passing of MAT Act Increases Access to Care for Those with Opioid Use Disorder


Haley Pals

With the passing of the MAT Act, anyone with a DEA license can now prescribe buprenorphine, an evidence-based, life-saving treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD). This could include pharmacists, but only in states where pharmacists can obtain a DEA license to prescribe controlled substances. This has been a long-awaited legislation change that many have advocated for, including residency graduate, Dr. Haley Pals, ‘19. She became one of the first pharmacists in the VA to sign a prescription for buprenorphine/naloxone for a patient she has collaboratively managed for almost two years. This authorization will increase access to care for patients with OUD and hopefully demonstrate the benefits of allowing pharmacists to hold a DEA license for prescribing controlled substances.


Shaping the Future of the Profession of Pharmacy via Advocacy


MN state capitol building

The Minnesota Pharmacy Alliance (MPA), a coalition of the College of Pharmacy, Minnesota Pharmacists Association and the Minnesota Health Systems Pharmacists, is working hard this year to advocate at the legislature for advancing the profession of pharmacy and improving health of the citizens of Minnesota.  MPA legislative priorities include: Immunization and Testing (i.e., codification of the PREP act), Expanding Access to PreP/PEP, Payment for Pharmacist-Provided Clinical Services, Telehealth/Remote Work Authority, and White Bagging.  Other health care bills include a bill to request appropriations to support Roundtable Rx, the MN Medication Repository which provides medication access to those in need, and expanding access to biomarker testing and pharmacogenomics. If you are Interested in advocacy we encourage you to consider participating in Pharmacy Legislative Day on Feb. 28, 2023.