Pharmacy Alumni Society Mentor of the Year Award

Raquel Rodriguez

Raqeul Rodriguez

Dr. Raquel Rodriguez has a commitment to pharmacy, the College of Pharmacy and pharmacy students that is unwavering and from the heart. She cares so much about students that she would do all that is humanly possible to mentor and better them. She is the perennial student advocate and mentor. Her dedication to students is genuine and never ending. She is the ideal mentor.
Not only does Raquel have a real interest in supporting, encouraging and mentoring students, but she is willing to spend time mentoring them. Even though she is a very busy person, Raquel seems to be always willing to spend time on behalf of students. Having little time herself sometimes, she is willing to use this time for students. In addition, when Raquel is the mentor, she does all that she can to assure that a given student has a meaningful, positive learning experience.