Theresa Reineke, PhD, MS

Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of Chemistry
Theresa Reineke


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239 Smith Hall
207 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States


Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of Chemistry
Graduate Faculty, Department of Pharmaceutics
Graduate Faculty Advisor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, College of Science and Engineering
Associate Editor, ACS Macro Letters
Faculty, Masters Program in Stem Cell Biology


PhD in Chemistry, University of Michigan

MS in Chemistry, Arizona State University

BS in Chemistry/Physics, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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Theresa M. Reineke, PhD is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota and holds graduate faculty appointments in the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Pharmaceutics. Her research group is focused on enabling fundamental and applied technology advancements in three main areas: 1) the design of polymer-based delivery systems for DNA and RNA to treat genetic diseases, 2) the development of polymer-based delivery systems for enhancing oral delivery of important drugs, and 3) the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly polymers/plastics from naturally occurring chemicals derived from plants.

At UMN, Professor Reineke is the Director of a MN Innovation Partnership with Dow Chemical Company and leads the Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Group of the UMN Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Professor Reineke also serves as Publicity Chair for the American Chemical Society Polymer Chemistry (POLY) Division and is the founding faculty advisor of the UMN Student Chapter of the ACS POLY/PMSE Division. She is currently on the Editorial Advisory Boards of the ACS journals Biomacromolecules and Bioconjugate Chemistry, and is a founding Associate Editor of ACS MacroLetters. The work of the Reineke Group is the founding technology of Techulon, Inc. a startup biotechnology firm.


  • Monomer and polymer synthesis
  • Carbohydrate chemistry
  • DNA and RNA delivery
  • Polymer-cell interactions
  • Transfection reagents
  • Nucleic acid therapeutics
  • Drug delivery
  • Drug-polymer interactions
  • Controlled-release
  • Excipient development
  • Oral drug delivery
  • Intracellular mechanisms of delivery
  • Lanthanide-organic chemistry
  • Imaging agent design
  • Theranostic agent design
  • Chemical detection and sensing
  • Sustainable polymers
  • Adhesives, coatings, and elastomers
  • Stimuli responsive and shape memory polymers
  • Thermosets and gels

Awards & Recognition

2017 Distinguished McKnight University Professorship (UMN)

2017 Carl S. Marvel Creative Polymer Chemistry Award (American Chemical Society Polymer Chemistry Division)

2016 Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award

2016 George W. Taylor Award for Distinguished Research (UMN)

2016 AIMBE Fellow (American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering)

2012 Outstanding New Investigator Award (American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy)

2012 American Chemical Society (PMSE Division) Macro 2012 Lecture Award

2011 Lloyd H. Reyerson Professorship (UMN)

2009 National Institutes of Health Director’s New Innovator Award

2008 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award

2007 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship

2007 YWCA Rising Star (Academy of Career Women of Achievement)

2007–2009 Kavli Fellow (National Academy of Sciences “Frontiers of Science” Program)

2007 OH Bioscience Thirty in Their 30s Award

2006–2008 Lowenstein Scholar (University of Cincinnati)

2005 Beckman Young Investigator Award

2005 Sigma Xi Outstanding Young Investigator Award

2005 National Science Foundation CAREER Award

2003 American Chemical Society(PMSE Division), Arthur K. Doolittle Award

2002 National Institutes of Health, Individual National Research Service Award

2000 Outstanding Graduate Research Award from the Wirt and Mary Cornell Prize

1998–2000 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Graduate Fellowship

1999 Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award (Arizona State University)

1998–1999 Pew Charitable Trusts – Preparing Future Faculty Fellow

1997 Excellence as a Teaching Assistant Award (Arizona State University)

Research Summary/Interests

The Reineke Group specializes in the synthetic design, chemical characterization, and biological study of sophisticated macromolecules.

Synthetic materials play important roles in everyday life, from the diagnosis and treatment of diseases to the advancement of renewable materials and commercial products. Consequently, understanding how polymers affect living systems fundamentally and govern macroscopic functionality remains vital to solving pressing problems in today’s biomedical and sustainability landscapes. The Reineke Research Group seeks to discover novel polymeric vehicles and strategies to (i) safely deliver nucleic acids and drugs, (ii) impart enhanced material performance from sustainable feedstocks, and (iii) elucidate cellular-level mechanisms in biomaterials and animals.

Our research efforts are interdisciplinary in nature and encompass the areas of chemistry, chemical biology, materials science, and engineering. Click on a subject area below to learn more about our goals and ongoing projects.


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