Taiwo Aremu, MD, MPH

PhD Student, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy
Taiwo Aremu



PhD Student, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy


Master of Public Health (MPH), University of Minnesota

Doctor of Medicine, University of Ilorin

Certificate, Clinical Research, University of Minnesota

Certificate, Health Care Economics, Harvard University;

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Taiwo Aremu, MD, MPH, is pursuing dual Ph.D. degrees in Social and Administrative Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and Environmental Health Sciences (Infectious Disease) with a minor in Doctoral Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

Dr. Aremu recently held the esteemed position of Editor-in-Chief/Executive Editor for the Public Health Review journal and currently serves as Content Editor for INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy. His dedication to advancing research is evident in his role as a Researcher at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital and Masonic Cancer Center, focusing on critical healthcare domains.

Dr. Aremu's professional journey is characterized by its richness and diversity, encompassing roles such as Clinician, Clinical Research Manager, Regulatory Specialist, Management Consultant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, and Research Assistant. With the overarching goal of reducing morbidity and mortality, thereby improving health outcomes, Dr. Aremu's research focuses on 1). infectious disease prevention and control; 2). improving experience and health outcomes of cancer patients and Childhood Cancer Survivors; 3). pharmacy practice and community health; 4). public health policy, practice, and education; 5) advancing health equity, thereby reducing health disparities and closing the health equity gaps; and 6). improving the standard of care for diverse patient populations.

Known for his expertise, Dr. Aremu possesses skills in stakeholder engagement, research project planning and implementation, research methodology (qualitative and quantitative research methods), data collection and analysis, result interpretation and presentation, and academic and scientific writing.

Dr. Aremu excels in administrative roles, showcasing proficiency in planning, implementation, budgeting, contract negotiation, training, and mentorship. Currently serving as the Vice Chair of the University of Minnesota Student Senate and Student Senate Consultative Committee, he holds a key leadership position. Additionally, he serves as the University of Minnesota Council of Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Regents, emphasizing his impactful contributions to academic governance and student representation.

Awards & Recognition

Article featured in “2022 in Review: Vaccines for Tropical disease” of Frontiers [2022];

Article highlighted on the front page of MDPI Pharmacy journal [2022];

Alumni Fellowship in Social and Administrative Pharmacy Award [2022];

Black Identifying International Community and Leadership Student Award [2021];

Social and Administrative Pharmacy (SAPh) Provost Recruiting Scholarship [2021];

School of Public Health Research Day People’s Choice Best Student Poster Award [2021];

Dr. J. Arthur Myers Endowment for International Experience in Public Health [2018 – 2019];

Robert and Karen Veninga Scholarship [2018 – 2019];

Dr. James & Roberta Craig Scholarship for International Public Health Studies [2018 – 2019]

Professional Associations

American Public Health Association (APHA);

University of Minnesota Alumni Association;

Nigerian Medical Association (NMA);

Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).


  • French
  • Yoruba


Public Health courses [PubH 6751 - Principles of Management in Health Service Organizations;

PubH 6250 - Foundations of Public Health; PubH 6102 - Issues in Environmental and Occupational Health] & Pharmacy courses [e.g. PHAR 6736 - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy;

PHAR 6786 - Acute Patient Care Pharmacotherapy;

PHAR 6774 - Pharmacotherapy of Neuro and Psych Disorders; etc]