Ronald J. Sawchuk, PhD

Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmaceutics
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Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmaceutics
Adjunct Pharmaceutics Faculty, Department of Pharmaceutics
Director of the Bioanalytic and Pharmacokinetic Services Laboratory, College of Pharmacy


PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics, University of California, San Francisco

MSc in Pharmaceutics, University of Toronto

BSc in Pharmacy, University of Toronto

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Research Summary

Dr. Sawchuk's research focuses on basic and applied pharmacokinetics. A significant part of this activity has dealt with absorption and elimination of anticonvulsants in human and animal studies. Clinical studies have been directed toward optimizing therapeutic response by using pharmacokinetics to individualize dosing regimens. A number of anticonvulsants that demonstrate nonlinear (time-dependent and/or concentration-dependent) pharmacokinetics have been the subject of this research.

A major research focus in Dr. Sawchuk's group is the investigation of drug delivery to the middle ear. One goal of this work is to enhance distribution of antibiotics in the treatment of otitis media. His group is also examining the distribution of anti-infective drugs to lung tissue. Other research activities involve the targeting of centrally acting agents to brain tissue. These investigations employ microdialysis coupled to online HPLC in freely moving, conscious animals to continuously monitor the concentration of drug and/or metabolites in tissue extracellular space.

Because of the reliance of pharmacokinetic studies on availability of sensitive and specific methods for analysis of drugs in biological fluids, significant time and effort is devoted to development of analytical methods. The emphasis here is on HPLC and LC/MS/MS. Dr. Sawchuk directs the Bioanalytic and Pharmacokinetic Services Laboratory. This laboratory interacts with the pharmaceutical industry in the conduct of preclinical and clinical studies on new chemical entities and existing drugs.


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